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April 2nd, 2009


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Found this gem just now, it's hilarious, and it's almost completely not-gay! Not that that's really a good thing, just an unusual thing, and not at all bad in this case.

Red Dwarf - PGish - The Wizard of Smeg

slightly silly ST rec

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Waxing Moon

Spock, Kirk, depilatory wax... you get the idea
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March 8th, 2009

Fic: Bagenders U.S. - Chapter 1: House of the Rising Sun

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Title: Bagenders: U.S. - Chapter 1: House of the Rising Sun
Author: [info]hermit9
Fandom: LOTR
Type: FPS
Rating: G-PG
Warnings: Very silly
Words: ~9,000
A/N: "Bagenders" belongs to Lady Alyssa and Random Dent/Flatmate, whoever they are. They abandoned this series ages ago and many have taken up the torch after them but it was never quite the same. All who loved the Bagenders have their own ideas about the way it would have gone if they had written more. This spin off is definitely not what they would have done. I hope you enjoy it anyway.
If you never read the Original I highly recommend it. The original site is more or less in the toilet but I managed to scrape them together and archive them here.
If you don't feel like prerequisite reading or you have read the original but have lost all memory of it due to binge drinking, binge binging, or binge bowling (pins to the head good for amnesia I hear), here's a brief, and possibly inaccurate synopsis: The Fellowship were granted eternal life as a reward for saving Middle Earth (except for Boromir since he died before they did most of the really heroic stuff, but he comes to visit now and then). So it's just them and the elves (who already live forever so it wasn't much of a reward for Legolas, bloody Valar) and the rest of us oblivious humans. They've gone their separate ways at times but they always end up back together, and for the better part of the last decade they were sharing a cramped flat in the North of England working blue collar jobs, getting arrested, committed, hit by buses, avoiding ex's and in-laws, and getting drunk at Elrond's karaoke parties. Aragorn and Arwen split up ages ago but she keeps in touch just enough to keep Aragorn bitchy. Legolas has been pushing a refreshment trolly on the train and swatting away fawning girls while maintaining a fragile grip on his elfish dignity. Merry and Pippin have employed themselves as people who get fired from jobs, Frodo is mentally unstable, and Sam takes care of Frodo and the garden. Gandalf is a drunken old codger, and Gimli works nights to avoid the rest of them. Not too long ago, while digging through Pippin's extensive collection of pornography, Legolas discovered some rather old and bawdy doodles penned by none other than Leonardo "Arse Grabber" DaVinci which he sold for a tidy profit. He used this windfall to buy the fellowship a new, spacious home with a relaxing room all to himself with a little motorized waterfall on the desk and some of those nice bamboo drawings on the walls. Aside from the odd existential crisis and the occasional fireball in the kitchen, their lives seemed destined to settle down a bit after that....

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April 21st, 2008

HAHAHA, not-coed Naked Yoga

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From Talesinbloom(LJ) this lovely little LOTRPS AU tidbit, lots of naked, a little yoga, and plenty of laughs.

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March 13th, 2008

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BTW, you know, you guys can post here. This isn't the hermit station. It's not all hermit all the time or anything. I mean...we're gonna laugh at you, yes, but in a good way.

She Rides!!!

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Ho ho what have we here? Red Dwarf slash. It does exist. Not sure if all of this is funny, I only got through a couple, but it's RD. And it's written with some serious suave by a woman who lives on the edge. http://www.roadstergal.info/misc/rd.htm
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January 9th, 2008

Slashababy recs

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[info]slashababy, if you live under a rock in Oklahoma, is a holiday fic exchange in the LOTRPS genre.  2007's round is up.  A few highlights below:

Acquiescence - by  [info]capra_fera wins the award for most creatively dirty use of otherwise innocuous musical terminology.

Freak - Short, sweet, and quite funny fic by [info]trianne.  (LJ)

Weird Science -  Crack!fic by [info]stormatdusk. (LJ) Billy and Orlando are researchers on a project called P.E.N.I.S.  LMAO funny.

Will add more later I'm sure as I make way through them.  Weird Science wins though so far.  I can't resist the cheese and dirty acronyms.  I am weeeeak.

December 28th, 2007

coupla recs from recent reads on the ol' flist

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Title: Hotel California
Author: [info]chaosmanor
Written for: [info]undrockroll and [info]cynical_terror
Rating: R or better
Summ: Orlando is enterprising. (v. silly)

Hotel California )


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Things We Can't Untie: Or, Gay Perry and Gay Harry and the Gay Jewels of Nabooti - Perry/Harry
Author: Unknown
Rating: R or better
(quite silly)

December 14th, 2007

The ulitimate resource

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October 21st, 2007


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I've been told by someone who is probably a lot more wise than I that when you have a community, only the mod can invent new tags for posts.  So this entry here is just going to be a bookmark I guess.  If anybody besides me actually wants to post stuff here, and you want a tag that doesn't exist, you can comment here and I shall add whatever tags you want post-haste.

Also,  PENIS.

I just wanted to say that.

Rec: LOTRPS: Bill/Dom

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I was going to rec this one a while back and forgot.  Hyacinth_sky747 (LJ) has written a perfectly characterized little ficlet using little besides snappy dialogue, which, because it's the hobbits, is quite funny and snarky.  Four Hotel Rooms and a Backseat.  Rating: rather silly and sweet

October 20th, 2007

Fic: CSI:LV G/N: Speculations...

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I've only read one or two really funny new thing recently, so I'll post another one of my own.  What the hay.  Somewhat funny anyway, I think.  You be the judge.  CSI:LV  Greg/Nick  Speculations on the Sexual Orientations of Certain Hollywood Types

Rec: POTC: Heartfelt

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A funny, extremely hot and satisfying fic right here by tessabeth of LJ.  Heartfelt ties up some of those AWE loose ends and dismisses our blues following the rather crappy conclusion of that movie and in the process will make you squirt fluids out of your nose.  Rating: super and silly
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September 23rd, 2007

A Few More

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My eye has been twitching for a day and a half now. My lower eyelid is pulsing and wiggling around like it's on crack. I'm not on crack. Just my eyelid is. So if this stuff makes no sense it's because I can't see right. The screen and keyboard are jumping around with the quivering of my crackhead eyelid.

Anyway. A few more recs, this time from good 'ol Star Trek TOS. kirk/spock

T'Gin recommends:
The Trouble With Quimmies by T'Guess & Saavant This is as cracked out as my eyelid. Out Of Character dick and fart jokes written into the Trouble with Tribbles. Awesome. Silly Scale: really rather silly
and There Is No Place Like Home by T'Guess Same sort of thing, different episodes. Silly Scale: monstrously silly
and Small Packages by T. Jonesy This is a wild ride. Kirk and Bones have a bet going concerning a certain Vulcan. Not even slightly realistic to the series but a lot of fun. One of the best kirk/spock fics I've ever read. Silly Scale: HAHAHAHHAHA

September 22nd, 2007

Fic Recs

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A few more from others in the LOTR fandom, real person and character:

Mesnica recommends:
The Short Face Bear Project by cynical_terror This is crack at its crackiest I think. Principal photograhy as seen from the point of view of some people doing a wildlife documentary.  We get the play by play on Peter's explosive violence, and the gayness of elves and hobbits.   Silly Scale: very very silly

Some more crack recommended by oneangrykate:
Republican by inbetweens  This is extremely scary.  White House/LOTR crossover = shudder.  SIlly Scale: rather silly
and another by the same author, In Which Boyd Says Stuff  Drunkeness.  Always funny.  Silly Scale: HAHAHHAHAHA

encelade2 recommends another by cynical_terror:
The Misadventures of Sir Ian the Gay   Slashy and silly.  Everyone is out of character, everyone is screwing, and Orlando is bewitched by the erudite Sir Ian.  Silly Scale: very very silly

dread_symmetry recommends:
Aragorn Needs Flame Retardant Eyebrows by lirenel   Um.  The title says it all really.  Silly Scale: exceptionally silly

more_hanna recommends:
Ravished by lilslasher  This is actually quite hot.  Orlando has been drooling over Viggo for quite some time, but when it finally happens, poor Orli doesn't get to have the nice private, intimate romance he wants because the rest of the fellowship are nosy fuckers.  Silly Scale: slightly silly with a side of awesome

alassenya recommends:
Fair Game by glasgow_blue  One of the most brilliantly funny fics I've ever read.  Simply the rules of the game.  Silly Scale: exceptionally silly
and A Sudden Case of Slash by lemur which is a fourth wall breaker, which is always funny.  Silly Scale: slightly silly
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Some Recs

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Next few posts will be recs from others over on LJ. I've been posting at all my comms over there looking for funny fic recs and I'm going to share all the links here with descriptions of each one. No guess work for you at all! yay! Ain't it great when someone else does the work for you?

First group is from my favorite enigma, kissing_athelas of LJ.
This group is all LOTRPS EW/DM

Anger Management by sweetserene The boys are about to come to blows, American vs. British rivalry coming to a head - sorta. Silly Scale: slightly silly
Unexpected Consequences by kyuuketsukirui Elijah finds out Dom is an alien. Silly Scale: slightly silly
Canis Interruptus by bunniewabbit Um. Halloween fic. Don't wanna spoil it. Silly Scale: rather silly indeed
Neighborly by almostnever Another Halloweeny-type fic, this time Lij is the monster though. Silly Scale: makes my fool heart patter with silly love
Cloud Nine by airgioslv Short, sweet as hell. Billy is in this one too!+++ Silly Scale: makes my fool heart patter with silly love
A Short Play for Easter by bbollinger This one. Well. kissing_athelas really really REALLY loves this one so I'll put it here, but it might take longer for the page to load than it takes you to read the "play". Silly Scale: slightly silly

August 21st, 2007


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So here's an old favorite.  A hobbit, an elf, a hangover.  Who know other's misery could be so amusing.  All Orli remembers is dancing with Madonna...is that right?  And who's THONG is that?

From the princess of pron herself: Half Four.

Pg-13ish, some bad words, some suggesstions, mostly just very funny

August 7th, 2007

rec: lotrps bb/dm, a comfort and a joy by flusteredspeech

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Stumbled upon this just now. Bill and Dom and the fellowship at large are so flexible, they can be angsty, scary, bizarre, but funny just comes so naturally.  Flusteredspeech (LJ) has written a  beaut.  A Comfort and a Joy
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LOTRPS: bb/dm untitled silly halloween fic

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Title: Untitled Silly Halloween fic
Author: Hermit
Pairing: BB/DM
Rating: R-ish (one bad word, a few suggestions)
Sum: A haunted house, silly costumes, cheese

wanker )

Flatmate Strife

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I cannot rec this series often or strongly enough. You will pee. I don't know how you can be a fan of LOTR and not have read The Bagenders by the exceedingly talented but absent Lady Alyssa and Random Dent.
The premise: The fellowship minus Boromir (dead) have been gifted immortality (unless they already had it, in which case it wasn't much of a gift) as reward for saving middle earth.  Now they all live in an overcrowded house in England.  Most of them have some sort of dehumanizing (or deelfinizing, dedwarfinizing...) job, over half of them drink quite a bit, two of them spend an awful lot of time in the sideboard, and one of them is a member of a women's club.  Hilarity ensues.   Poor fragile and austere Legolas is often the victim of the trials of modern life, though Aragorn is the one with the raging bitch of and ex elf-wife.  Only mild, non-plot advancing, and well-labeled slash in this one.
*At the link above, not all of the episodes are available any more. There are three "seasons", but only the links for season one are currently working. I am however working on an alternate source for this series and will post when it becomes available.

ETA: I have an alternate source for Bagenders here. I got hold of season two from another source and have reposted the whole thing on my Blogger journal for safekeeping. If anyone knows where season 3 can be obtained please do tell! The ep's on Blogger are not guaranteed to be formatted for easy reading nor in the correct order, but I did what I could with what I had which was essentially a modicum of time and a pathetic knowledge of html.

[info]fizzgig has solved the case of the missing Episodes and proveded me with links to the last three which I have ganked and reposted at the link above.
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