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Sunday, April 1st, 2007

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    Original poster: ffq_mod

    Ah, Alfons Heidrich. So sweet. So innocent. So promising. So utterly, utterly screwed over. FFQ's got its collective eye on you, young man. You are going to get porned. And don't think living on a completely separate planet from the rest of the FMA characters will stop this. We aren't afraid to mess with canon. Let's face it -- even a high school AU would make more logical sense than that movie.

    So get ready to take one for the team, Mr. Heidrich. Let's go set off some rockets.

    Month 12: Alfons Heidrich

    The possibilities are endless )

    Month 12 Drop Sheet

    Original poster: ffq_mod

    You know the drill. Comment if you want to drop your claim. Last day without penalty is the 21st.

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