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    Friday, February 1st, 2008
    8:24 am
    In honor of the new month...
    We are moving back to Live Journal.

    We gave it a valiant try here, but there is just not enough traffic on IJ to justify this community. Few people took the challenge, and honestly, I think your work is not getting nearly the showcase it should. Even with both GJ and IJ we did not get near the the number of participants we did for LJ. This last month there were only three takers -- for a character who is very popular -- a signal that we FFQ here had pretty much run out of steam.

    The danger that lead me to move off of LJ seems to have passed. LJ has been bought, and the new owners appear to be largely hands off when it comes to fandom.

    This month will be a repost month. Repost all the challenges you've completed on IJ and GJ, and hopefully this time they will get the audience they deserve. If you have any questions please ask.
    Saturday, January 5th, 2008
    10:02 pm
    Important poll, please vote.
    For those who haven't noticed yet, Greatest Journal has been circling the drain for a few months now. And apparently they just signed a Do Not Resuscitate order. If they ever pull through, there is pretty much no chance of creating a thriving FFQ community there. Upshot, that's one place that FFQ won't be.

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    Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
    12:10 pm
    Month 4.1: Riza Hawkeye Sign up sheet
    So, we are all hung over. The lampshades are on our heads, there's confetti and something… we don't want to know what … all over the floor. It's a good thing no one is going to call us on the carpet for our behavior.

    Oh wait. Shit.

    Time to straighten up our act, because this month is dedicated to Riza Hawkeye, and we better please her, for our own sakes.

    Month 4.1: Riza Hawkeye

    Hup hup hup! )
    Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
    5:25 pm
    [Fic] "Slow Spiral Down", NC17
    Title: Slow Spiral Down
    Fandom: FMA
    Pairing: Gate/Havoc
    Rating: NC17
    Timeline: Set Between No Comparison and Bitter Price

    ( Onwards ) (LJ)
    ( Onwards ) (IJ)
    Thursday, December 6th, 2007
    10:18 am
    Compilation post Month 2.1 Roy Mustang
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    Saturday, December 1st, 2007
    8:17 am
    Month 3.1: The Gate
    Ah December, the month of good will, and love. And gifts. And who gives these gifts? Santa? Don't be absurd! Why the Gate of course.

    It's true the Gate doesn't have a belly like a bowl full of jelly, and it's face isn't round, and it's cheek's aren't red. But it does know when you are sleeping… and know when you're awake, and it definitely knows if you've been bad or good…

    And it gives the most marvelous gifts: Knowledge, and free trips to other dimensions, and let's not forget homunculi -- who wouldn't want a homunculus of their own. All it costs in an arm and a leg.

    MONTH 3.2: The GATE

    Many hands make short work )
    Thursday, November 29th, 2007
    2:23 pm
    [Fic] "We Need the Rain to Wash Away the Bad Luck", Roy/Havoc, NC17
    Title: We Need the Rain to Wash Away the Bad Luck
    Fandom: FMA
    Pairing: Roy/Havoc
    Rating: R/NC17
    Genre: Angst/Fluff
    Warning: Spoilers for... pretty much anything post Chapter 40. Also, this ended up being a lot more plotty and less smutty than I intended, so bear with me.

    ( Onwards ) - LJ
    ( Onwards ) - IJ
    Friday, November 2nd, 2007
    8:28 am
    Compilation Post Month 1.1: Edward Elric
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    Thursday, November 1st, 2007
    9:10 pm
    [Fic] "Taking Advantage", Ed/Havoc
    Title: Taking Advantage
    Fandom: FMA
    Pairing: Ed/Lust!Havoc
    Rating: R - NC17

    Note: Christ, I think I rewrote this four times. Anyway.

    Not connected to any of the other Lust!Havoc stories I've done. Also, there's no possible plot here whatsoever. Aaaabsolute PWP.

    ( Onwards )
    8:09 am
    Month 2.1 Sign up Sheet: Roy Mustang
    Well, when people think of sex and FMA, it's not too far a leap to think of Mustang. After all, horses and muscle cars have long been synonymous with sex and midlife crises. This is not to say that Roy Mustang is going through a mid life crisis, and attempting to resurrect his youth with lots and lots and lots of sex… but it could mean that. I mean, it's not impossible.

    So in an effort to get to the bottom of this, let's put Mustang on the couch and really get some good intercourse on the subject. Let's lay his psyche bare, open him up, and see what makes him the man he is.

    Month 2.1: Roy Mustang

    Time to kiss and tell. )
    Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
    10:33 am
    Month 1 Extentions
    Extentions… get your extentions here!

    If you need a few hours go ahead and post here. Remember, you can't pick a new pairing until you post the work you've committed to. The compilation post will go up on November 2nd – at which point Month 1 will be completely closed, and no old work will be allowed up.
    Monday, October 1st, 2007
    7:34 am
    Month 1 Redeux
    Hello FFQers, welcome to exile. Hopefully it will be a fun exile. An exiting exile. The kind of exile that you can tell your grandchildren about and not the crummy stand out in the middle of the Drachma mountains guarding two yaks in the snow while you pine over a guy who isn't even canonically your lover kind of exile.

    The rules are the same. The game is the same. And the person of the month? Oh hey, look at that, it's the same as we started with the first time around.

    So welcome to FFQ part II:

    Month 1: Edward Elric

    He will do anything to save the day. Anything. )
    Friday, August 31st, 2007
    11:36 am
    Mod Note: FFQ starts up OCTOBER 1st
    We will be putting up the new month not tomorrow, but rather the 1st of October. This will give me a chance to advertise (spam) and hopefully get a larger number of people on board. This will also give me a chance to look over the TOS for this site and figure out if this community really needs to be screened and locked or not. My personal preference is to have things unlocked so that more people can check it out and perhaps catch the enthusiasm, but after being chased off of one Journalling site, I'm... well... a little gunshy you might say.

    The other reason for delaying a month is personal -- both us mods are going to Kumoricon this weekend and, you know, kinda lame to post up a sign up sheet and not be spending time on it. I also have house guests.

    However starting October 1st we will be beginning back at square 1: Which means it will be Edward month. Whether the months proceed in the same order as last time is up to our modly whims, but since we are just starting up, it seems prudent not to make the bar too high. I think that Archer got shorted badly, and so I plan to put him up a lot sooner this time around.

    We also have a sister community over at Greatest Journal. I encourage people here to also sign up over there as well. If your favorite pairing here has been taken, you can take it on that community instead.
    Thursday, August 9th, 2007
    12:20 am
    Archer x Fuhrer Bradley

    Original poster: lizzystrata

    Title: God
    Pairing: Archer/Bradley
    Rating: R
    Word Count: 996

    He knew instinctively why it was so, yet still his mind refused to wrap around the concept: failure. )

    Current Mood: accomplished

    Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
    8:20 am
    Month 16 Sign Up Sheet: Frank Archer

    Original poster: ffq_mod

    FFQ has gotten positively sloppy lately. Undisciplined. Lazy. This calls for remedial measures and a change of command. Frank Archer has volunteered for the duty. Let no one say that he isn't willing to lay down his body for the good of the country. He'll lay his body down, on a bed, on the floor, a desk, and he will take what comes proudly. Nor is he unwilling to dish out whatever discipline is necessary to keep those under him ship shape. Despite rumors to the contrary, Archer is quite flexible in his approach – so long as the results match his high expectations.

    Month 16: Frank Archer
    Sound off and fall in! )

    Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
    11:42 am
    Month 16 Drop sheet

    Original poster: ffq_mod

    Is Archer being too much of a hard ass? Tired of his demands? Do you just want to desert?

    Go ahead, resign your commission right here:

    11:33 am
    Compilation Post for Month 15: Fuhrer Bradley

    Original poster: ffq_mod

    Sadly, Bradley has other things to do besides entertaining his troops. There are countries to invade, plots to hatch, you know, that sort of thing. The following people should consider themselves lucky that Bradley had the time to pander to their needs.

    Dismissed! )

    Friday, July 27th, 2007
    6:05 pm
    Trained and Broken Pride/Envy

    Original poster: nomdeplume13

    Title: Trained and Broken
    Author: </a></b></a>[info]nomdeplume13
    Pairing: Pride/Envy
    Fandom: FMA
    Rating: R, I suppose
    Summary: Just like the dogs of the military, Envy has been trained, and despite himself, he keeps coming back. And don't ask me how, here, but I think I've made Envy sympathetic. (Really, when I write these, I don't know what happens with my original plan.) But I'm pretty satisfied.

    "It started out as a pissing contest..."

    Sunday, July 1st, 2007
    9:00 am
    Month 15- Sign Up Sheet

    Original poster: ffq_mod

    It's good to be the fuhrer. You get to live in a big house, with servants and underlings at your beck and call night and day. And when you happen to be a bad ass homunculi with a charming smile and a reputation for utter ruthlessness, well let's just say "make it so" usually does make it so.

    Want a promotion? In a bit of hot water? Need a favor? Bradley will scratch your back – so to speak. He's the head of the country after all. It's his job to keep an eye out for the needs of his people. And, of course, if he has needs, too, that just makes him human… sort of.

    Month 14: Fuhrer Bradley (Manga Wrath/Anime Pride)
    Suck it up, people. )
    And just in case you need to run like hell from your pairing, FFQ now comes with a handy dandy drop sheet. Guaranteed good until the 22nd of the month.

    Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
    9:38 pm
    Compilation post for Month 14: Sheska

    Original poster: ffq_mod

    Well check out the time! It looks like the library is closed, let's see how many adventures Scieszka had.

    Hmmm it's been a rather quiet month... )

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