Jul. 4th, 2020


BAUplan - heading home

current chapter word count: 9748
continuous text: up to page 15 (of 22)
scene(s) written: Tachibana (adapted, altered, and integrated), checking the luggage (completed), heading out (completed)
scene(s) to be written next: confronting OMRs head of staff (scribbles with single lines), office shisa (scribbles with some highlights), reporting back from the wharf (scene to be integrated and adapted), missing something (to do), the other office (finetuning), at the wharf (finetuning).
character developing a serious distaste of floral decorations: Motohiro
character who does emphatically NOT work for the Mori: Subaru
character interrupting a meeting without being sorry for it: also Subaru
research of the day: citrus tachibana - symbolism and myth.

quote of the day:
"Our five-year-olds are as well-behaved as your financial officers."

I currently have mostly the office / wharf segments planned, with those alone, part.1 will likely be shorter than part.0 (22.4k). However, there are still interludes from Okinawa and the Tree to be considered, which are as of yet neither written nor properly planned, so the part may yet grow to the average 20k something as well. [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]


Happy Fourth of July!

For you Americans, happy 4th!

For everyone, happy full moon!

I think that covers everyone. LOL.

Jun. 28th, 2020


BAUplan - floral office

current chapter word count: 9295 (on 21 A4 pages of which 12 are consecutive text already)
scene(s) currently written: communication shenanigans (done), calling Omi (done), budgeting challenge (done), Tachibana (mostly integrated)
scene(s) to be written next: impressive tachibana (written, but needs to be adapted), No wharf for Omi, We're missing something (about the wharf)
character pissing off both of his superiors: Motohiro
character entertained by his unexpectedly frangrant office: Seishiro
character atypically ignoring a "do not enter": Subaru
research of the day: holiday surcharges

quote of the day:
"The reserves are for tackling the unforeseen," Seishiro replied, "unforeseen as the required restructuring of Japan's spiritual defense to accommodate the Dao, but that is beside the point." He put his cup down, leaned forward, and studied his CFO inquisitively before asking mildly, "Since when do you believe you have the authority to cancel my orders?" [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]

Jun. 23rd, 2020


So I'm trying to get better...

I called yesterday and got some doctor's appointments. I'm seeing my psychologist so I can get my medicines adjusted tomorrow. Or my psychiatrist. I can never remember which one it is that does meds. I had a call early this morning to do verbal counseling over the phone. It was just an intake call, I won't start for two weeks but it made me nervous all the same.

Not as nervous as I could be though, which is strange. I think the blahs are overtaking my nerves even. Which is odd since I am used to a certain amount of panic, especially when I go out.

But yeah, I'm taking some steps to make myself better. Wish me luck tomorrow at the doctor.

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