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May 4th, 2020
07:01 pm


Opening Soon!

A Dragon Age Panfandom Game
After the infamous Mage Rebellion, the Veil opened and everything changed.

The entire city of Kirkwall and its surrounding areas have been pulled through the Veil. In this purgatory, time had no meaning. Years have seemed to pass without the citizens of Kirkwall aging, but they almost do not remember a time without war. While they rarely encounter demons or spirits, the mages and Templars continue to fight one another. The infamous and powerful Hawke has stepped forward as a sort of mediator, the Champion of Kirkwall now the defacto leader. Stranger still, the hole has also opened Kirkwall up to other, stranger places. People and beings from all time and different worlds now wake up in the city, and the citizens have grown used to seeing odd Strangers living amongst them.

Kirkwall is a Panfandom game, where your characters find themselves now living in the city-state of Kirkwall and in the universe of Dragon Age. Here, super-powers and abilities are dismissed as magic and dwarves are fascinated by new technologies that are brought by new arrivals. While the characters might come and go, the city remains in conflict though individual stories continue to develop.

Who will you be? What changes will you make? Will you take a side or simply try to live a peaceful life? Will you ever find a way home? The choice is yours in Kirkwall.

Opening at 10 Characters

Most Wanted Characters: Dragon Age, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter

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March 13th, 2020
09:45 pm


Pan Pacific PanFandom RPG
Pan Pacific
...the breach is calling
Humanity has finally understood what the Precursors' ultimate plan is: to inhabit all worlds. All realities. They had decimated worlds before, wiped out entire galaxies. And if humanity were going to lose ground here, it wasn't just their world that was at risk. Not anymore. They just had the chance to hold the line for the entire multiverse, for all of reality.

The Global Council gave Marshall Shida the authority to activate the Reaper Device, which began puncturing holes in space and time, creating smaller fissures that were large enough for a single human to fall through. People from other worlds, other places, to help in the biggest fight of all time.

The clock has been reset, ticking down to the next Kaiju attack. Production has been ramped up as much as is physically possible in whatever factories stand, Jaeger parts being shipped to the Hong Kong Shatterdone as soon as they are ready to be assembled into new Jaegers. Fissures have started opening, concentrated in the open bay in the Shatterdome - as much as is possible - and an Entry Team stands by to attend any identified pulses to brief the newcomers on where they are, what has happened and to give them a communication device to access the ShatterNet.

As Marshall Shida said, Ladies and Gentlemen, of all worlds and times, we are reality's last hope. Let us begin.

Pan Pacific is a pan-fandom RPG set in the Pacific Rim universe, which goes AU following the first film. We are a friendly game focused on old-school storytelling and connection building with mod and player driven events and plots.

We will be opening on March 28th, now accepting holds and applications.

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March 3rd, 2020
06:57 am


Milliways: A Panfandom RPG



milliways_bar is a medium-fast paced, community-based, prose-based panfandom jamjar game, set within the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Universe.

Characters are allowed to move freely from their world to the titular Bar At The End Of The Universe through doors - which on their side of the door might be anything from a porthole to a hole in the ground, and from there can either willingly move back and forth between worlds, stay upstairs at the Bar's inn or be "Bound" or trapped at Milliways without an escape hatch back for any length of time.

Feel free to ask any questions you have, and you may also peruse our cast list. You can also check our our FAQ

Community members talked about some characters they'd love to see here, and the game is welcoming to any character. Apps start from the 1st of each month!

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February 23rd, 2020
02:42 pm


The New Hunt
Post 2nd War Harry Potter RPG
The Second War ended, but the ripple effect into the Muggle world couldn't be stopped. Too many Muggles had been killed and as much as the Ministry of Magic had tried, they couldn't contain all the questions and whispers. The family of the victims demanded information, they demanded answers. And while the Ministry never confirmed the existence of magic it became impossible to stop all the whispers.An American group, known as the New Salem Philanthropic Society became active once again. By 2001, governments around the world were swept up into the belief. Ministries all over the world were pressured to turn over their witches and wizards to the Muggle governments. Many countries resisted at first, but one by one they all surrendered.
Save one. One Ministry kept calm and carried on. The United Kingdom is the last safe refuge for witches and wizards. The magic running through the hills and valleys is too old, too strong, and too powerful to be so easily handed over to fanatics. Rather than bowing to another dictator, the Ministry of Magic opened its doors to international witches and wizards and created a new governing body. The Wizengamot was restructured, providing seats to foreign countries. New laws were written. And the primary focus of the Ministry became one of survival and growth. The borders of every magical town and institution have been closed. Travel into the Muggle world is only allowed at certain times to help ensure the safety of witches and wizards. But is it enough to combat the heightened attacks by the New Salem Philanthropic Society? With technology advancing, their attacks have become more measured, more deadly, and far more vicious. From biological warfare, kidnapping, assault, and torture, the New Salem Philanthropic Society will stop at nothing to erradicate the world of magic once and for all.

The New Hunt is set in 2008, ten years following the Second War. And the fate of the magical world is once again up in the air.


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February 17th, 2020
04:07 pm


The 100 Pan Fandom Experience
Opened today
Rules and FAQ

You arrive in a strange land via a temporal anomaly, transported into a forest on a colonized moon called Alpha, or Sanctum. You are greeted by a member of The Children of Gabriel, a group of people who choose not to live in the city of Sanctum, but in the forest. A Child of Gabriel Guide escorts new arrivals from the forest welcome center to the city of city of Sanctum, every few days. As you must not only pass through the forest but also the radiation shield that protects Sanctum, waiting for a guide is highly recommended. Once in the city, you will be assigned housing and you will be expected to help rebuild society. Many dangers lurk for residents of Sanctum, including the Red Sun Eclipse, which occurs when:

The moon undergoes a celestial event in which the two suns eclipse, triggering the release of a psychosis-inducing toxin from the plants. During the eclipse, sonic anomalies are sometimes caused by molecular vibrations in the air and trees. When exposed to the toxin, all fauna are affected and goaded into violence. Those killed after the eclipse is over are consumed by the plants and trees. This celestial event and the toxin itself are known as the Red Sun.
There is also a risk of Temporal Flares.
A temporal flare seems to be a green light source in the sky that shoots out other green flares that burn, destroy, or "petrify" anything they touch.
The city of Sanctum has a broadcast system in place to alert residents of a temporal flare, and the necessity to take cover, as exposure can be deadly. If you choose to leave the protected city of Sanctum, you will have to find a way through the radiation field to the forest on the other side. Many dangers lurk in the forest, including the temporal anomaly from which you arrived. If you attempt to return to the anomaly, you will be spit back out into the forest. Arrival through the portal is a one-way portal, for the most part, but the anomaly is not interested in taking you back. It is up to you to survive in this harsh new world where dangers lurk in shadow. Do you have what it takes to survive?

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February 14th, 2020
04:44 am


New Game!
Regrets. Some are worse than others, but everyone has them. Luckily, the Source wants to give you a second chance at the Spot. No one knows who or what the Source is, only that it favors pulling people directly from the moments they regret most.

The Spot is a brand new pan-fandom opening March 14th. Tons of popular roles open!


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January 19th, 2020
08:53 am


WELCOME TO RIVERDALE is a pan-fandom game set against the backdrop of the CW's Riverdale and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's Archie comics. Mixing elements of magical realism, urban legend/fabulism, and the modern horror genre, we seek to seamlessly blend some of our favorite fandoms and thrust them into the most horrifying landscape of all: suburbia.

Come find a seat at Pop's, order a milkshake (vegan and dairy-free are on the menu now), and stay awhile.

We're currently looking for more Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina cast, as well as The Expanse, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and DCU/MCU characters. All fandoms are welcome!

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January 8th, 2020
01:23 pm


2 Year Anniversary: Desperately Seeking a Steve!
2 Year Anniversary, active since Jan 2018! After Doctor Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to save Earth from being overrun by the Dark Dimension, everything seemed normal again. But the warnings against manipulating time are now coming back to haunt him. No one realized that his actions created a new parallel counterpart in the Multiverse, not until dimensional rifts caused heroes with memories of the prime universe to inexplicably arrive in New York City. Those that died are now coming back to life. Threats from the past take form again. The bill comes due. Always. And the lives of Earth's mightiest heroes are getting a lot more complicated.

Most Wanted: Steve, Clint, Vision, Scott, Gamora, Nebula, Rocket.

AVENGERS is a strictly MCU game based in New York City that will explore the entire MCU universe. Future movies & TV series will be relevant. First time RPers welcome. Journal Codes available. 18+ only, Rated M for Mature.
code by tessisamess
November 21st, 2019
10:23 am




If you want fun, listen to this: Insanejournal’s hottest game is Aw Snap! Located in the middle of nowhere in an accidentally made pocket dimension, this superhero ridden town transcends the concepts of time and space.

Avengers, Karaoke, an Immortal Flamingo, goats!, Adoptable Pokemon, at least three princesses, those guys from the Umbrella Academy, COFFEE, a few Losers.


And just when you think the fun is over, take a trip over to the house of infinite doorways. There you can see all sorts of things! Nuclear Wastelands, Abandoned Targets, Kevin?, Alderaan.


Rules // Taken // Holds // Wanted
Application // FAQ // Members Only

Networks | Threads | OOC

Looking to sweeten the deal? From now until January First , take advantage of the general spirit of consumerism with out BOGO Application sale! App one character, get another character (now, or redeemable at a later time) FREE!

Most wanted, currently: Stephen King's Losers, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Umbrella Academy, X-Men, Avengers of all canons and kinds, and 500 varients of Spider-Man.


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November 20th, 2019
09:14 am


[info]vallomod - an urban fantasy panfandom game


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