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November 29th, 2009

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Xander had a map of the city on his tackboard. Marked was spots that Joker had hit in red pins and blue pins marked every place Xander could think of that the Joker could possibly hide out.

Closed amusement parks mostly.

Xander paced back and forth looking at the the possible locations. Trying to figure out where he could be.

He wished to be smarter. Like Sherlock Holmes or some other genius detective. They'd look at the board and have it linked and figured out in no time. But it was being figured out by Xander. So the process would be a lot slower.

"Alright Xander...close your eyes and take a breath."

He did it and looked at the board carefully.

"If I were a homicidal clown...where would I go?"

One blue was surrounded by red. On the other side, a blue with very little blue pins.

He did a search on the property where there were few pins. Instinct would say go with the most pinned area. Xander decied on the opposite. Why? Because it'd be the last place a cop would look.

"Yahtzee," Xander said as he found a popular amusement park that had been shut down for a while due to renovations.

Xander got into his gear and gathered some supplies as he waited, hoping Lois would arrive soon. Looking at his watch, he decided to give her about an hour before heading off on his own. Because the clock was ticking.

October 10th, 2009

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The Players : Lois and Clark
Where : Metropolis, KS
When : February 3rd, 2009
Rating : Its Clark.
Notes : A talk. Its needed right?

Clark was focused on the police blog as Lois was on the phone, but that didnt mean he couldn't hear what she was saying. He wasn't eavesdropping because he'd never use his powers like that. But on this end of the conversation the guy she met in Chicago was asking her to come back to help her with something.

And it involved the Joker. Which made him worry about Lois.

The last time she was in the vacinity of the Joker, Clark had to blur his way over to Chicago to save her. Odds are he'd have to do that again. He didnt want anything bad to happen to Lois. But her suddenly leaving put thier already delayed talk on hold.

They were supposed to meet the night before but Lois got called out on a story and Clark had to do some rescues. So, they both agreed to wait until after work tonight. But with her leaving, Clark decided to take some initiative. He still had no clue what he felt or was going to say. But he knew he wanted to talk to her before she left.

Clark gave her time to get home before going over to her place. He just hoped they could talk before she had to get to the airport.

Taking a deep breath Clark knocked on Lois' apartment door.

October 3rd, 2009

Entering the Death God in need of a fix!

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The Players : Ukitake, and whoever shows up
Where : Bodego Bay, CA
When : February 3rd, 2009.
Rating : PG-13 so far
Notes : Ukitake is in a gigai, a 'false body' that resembles his own, and dressed as close to the American norm as he can, but to anything with a sixth sense he's pretty much 'not from around here'.

Thirteenth Division was spread thin already, running communications from the main divisions and the scouts scattered around the human world. Unohana-san hadn't liked the idea of releasing him to active duty so soon, but there just wasn't enough bodies to go around for all the work, and Jushiro refused to be a burden on his subordinates.

America was his assigned scouting territory, and he was glad he knew as much English as he did thanks to Hershey, Pennsylvania. If there was a paradise on this world, that town was its embodiment.

The best course of action was to start on one coast and work his way across the country if he could, searching for Aizen's trail. Soul Society didn't deal too much with the Western countries, they had their own oni and troubles. Hollows had never been reported past China, so the Gotei had focused their attentions on their homelands, but thanks to Aizen's malice and ingenuity, they were forced to expand their attentions.

"Oh! A bagel shop!"

It was a major hardship.

September 27th, 2009

A Zeppo can never have a day off...

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The Players : Xander
Where : Chicago, IL
When : February 3rd, 2009.
Rating : PG-13, but could go higher. Depends on what goes down.
Notes : Forget notes, just give me some cowbell.

The day started out fine.

Xander had a good breakfast, worked out for a bit. He was starting his new job at The Tool Box, a local hardware store and home decour place, in a few days.

After the death of his boss from the bar, it was closed by his family who had no interest in owning a bar. So he and his friends were out of a job. It was just as well, Xander mostly worked there for a lack of anything else available at the time.

But when he got home from the grocery store, that’s when things took a turn.

He placed the bags on the counter and turned the police scanner on, he often listened to it, just in case anything sounded supernatural.

Wished it were this time. But it wasn’t.

The scanner went off with a loud siren sound. And it only took one sentence to give him pause.

“Attention all units, attention all units. We have a 187 at Hailey’s Comics. Suspect is a male, green hair. Believed to be the Joker and his accomplice Harley Quinn. All units be advised…suspect is armed and very dangerous. Proceed with caution”

187…Xander raced through some of the police codes he had written down so he’d recogonize them. He stopped cold when he realized 187 was a murder.

“Alli…” Xander whispered to no one but with fear in his voice.

He dropped the eggs he had been holding to the ground as he raced out of the apartment and headed to the comic book shop. It was about a mile away from his place. No way would he get near that place fast with all the commotion that would be surrounding the place.

It took about ten minutes, but he got there. Crowds were gathered around the barricades trying to see what was going on. Whispering to each other what they heard.

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August 9th, 2009

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The Players : Dean and Sam Winchester, Anyone in the area
Where : Salem, Mass.
When : February 1, 2009.
Rating : PG13
Notes : Dean and Sam just finished working a haunting in a nearby town. Time to move on to another town.

The brothers had stuck around Salem to make sure that the ghosts haunting the old reform school. It had been two days and all was clear. No more demonic spirits or regular spirits haunting that place.

Sam and Dean are packing their bags.

"So, where we headed to next," Dean asked.

"Decatur, Illinois. Over the last month three people were killed by a mysterious flying creature."

"Flying demon huh? Like Jeepers Creepers," Dean asked.

"I don't know. Maybe. Also gives us a chance to check out the Lincoln Theater."

"Oh yeah....isnt that one of the haunted theaters? One-Armed Red I think is the name of one them."

"So, the stories say. As for this creature, I'm not sure what we're going to be up against. It doesn't sound like anything we've come across."

"Well, with Lilith and her games and the Apocalypse beating down our back door, I think we might be seeing a lot of things we've never come across before," Dean said with a shrug.

Dean pulls out his cell phone and checks something on it.

"What," Sam asked.

"Nothing. After we handle the job, we'll head to Chicago. That's where Bobby said that antique shop is right? The one that can store the card?"

"Yeah. So, no calls?"

Dean shook his head and pocketed his phone. "Let's go Sammy," he zips up his bag. "New monster to kill."

After loading up the Impala, the car roared down the road to the next town.

July 23rd, 2009

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The Players : Abigail Whistler and Hannibal King. Others welcomed.
Where : Roswell, New Mexico
When : February 3rd.
Rating : R probably, King likes to use the F word a lot.
Notes : Just doing the usual.

Since their Nightstalkers cell was decimated Abby and King hadn’t directly joined another group. Even though the Daystar virus did kill all the vampires within a mile or so of Drake’s demise, there was no shortage of the bloodsuckers globally. The duo had been traveling anywhere there had been vast reports of humans disappearing. The team with some help of fellow Nightstalkers had been able to take down three of the horrific blood harvesting facilities so far.

At present time the pair was tracking down some leads in Roswell, New Mexico. The sunny desert locale wasn’t the typical area for vamps to dwell, however when trying to find something they were known to go anywhere. The Nightstalkers knew since Drake was a failure the bloodsuckers would try to find another means for them to be able to walk in the sun and give them a increased chance against Blade and the Nightstalkers.

Curious and frightened looks were given to the duo when they walked into some small café. Abby as per usual was wearing a simple tank top, black jeans, black leather archery gloves, a quiver of arrows slung over her back, her bow holster on her left hip, and gun holster on the right hip. King was wearing his favorite light armor vest with signature Hello my name is ‘Fuck You’ sticker on, with blue jeans, and shoulder and hip gun holsters. Without waiting to be seated they sat themselves at the booth with the best view of the surroundings.

June 20th, 2009

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The Players : Dean and Sam Winchester, Anyone in the area
Where : Salem, Mass.
When : January 30, 2009.
Rating : PG13 – R for language maybe.
Notes : Dean and Sam just finished working a haunting in a nearby town. They're eating before heading to their next destination.

Sam and Dean walked into the cafe clearly exhausted. The duo had spent all night in a haunted building that once served as a reform school in the early 1900s.

"Dean, promise me no more evil spirits for at least a couple months," Sam said as the two headed for a booth in the back of the cafe.

"Oh, you're just upset cause that she-ghost possessed you for a minute. But that guy...what was his name again?"

"Jarod Barker. How many times did he toss you around the room when he locked me out?"

"Enough," Dean said rubbing his shoulder. "Almost took my shoulder out its socket."

"Well, he wont be hurting anyone else. So, where we off to next?"

"Don't know. Was thinking of taking a couple days off. I mean we've earned it after the last couple weeks. Lilith's still in hiding, so I say a couple days wouldn't hurt us."

Sam gave Dean a weird look.


"Dude, you never want to take time off...You're not happy unless your hunting. You go crazy if we don't have something keeping us busy."

"Yeah, well things change Sam."

Dean's time in Hell and being brought back by angels to save the world and hunting non-stop was starting to take its toll on him. He just wanted a small break.

"Anything look good," Dean asked trying to change the subject.

"They got apple pie."

"Love me some pie," Dean said with a grin.

June 6th, 2009

The Card is now safe...or is it...

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Who: Dean and Sam Winchester
When: January 25th
Where: Lincoln, Nebraska
Rating: PG 13
Notes: Sam and Dean are on a road trip. Trying to stop the seals from being opened and the Devil himself from being released. Brothers are investigating mysterious deaths.

Sam was now tied to a chair in Dr. Garrison’s office struggling to get free.

“Why are you doing this,” he asked angrily.

“You men. You’re the cause of all of this. Michael Carmichael was a womanizer. He wasn’t going to change. I was their marriage counselor. For months he was spitting out his drivel of how much he loved her and he’d change. Cutting off ties to the women he was with. But when she wasn’t looking…the way he looked at me…he had to be stopped. When I found this card, and discovered what it could do, I knew we could have our revenge against scum like him.”

“And Spade?”

“Thought he could do what he wanted with all women. Broke their hearts not caring how much it hurt them. Something I’m sure you and your partner know all about. At your core, all you men are alike.”

“Think you’re the one who needs some therapy,” Sam said still trying to break free.

“And I think you shouldn’t push me,” she said holding out the card. “I’ve killed quite a few men with this thing. And once your partner gets here, you’re both going to die.”


Dean roared the Impala to the clinic trying to get there as fast as he could. Sam was in serious trouble.

Their code word…Thunderstruck. It was to let the other know they were being held against their will. Things weren’t making much sense until the pieces in Dean’s mind fell together.

Dr. Garrison worked with all the women who’s significant other was killed under the ‘poetic justice’ of Athena. Her partner was leaving with clients, so she had to stop him.

She was behind it all.

Dean hated this part of the job. He and Sam weren’t murderers, so they’d never take a life. Stopping demons, vampires, monsters, and evil spirits they could handle. But finding a way to stop a human without killing them was always easier said than done.

As he parked in front of the building he popped the trunk. Looking at his display of weapons he grabbed his sawed off shot gun and grabbed some rounds before heading upstairs to the good doctor’s office.

Dean scanned the area, it seemed they were all alone here.


Dean ran up and kicked down the doctor’s door and took aim. Sam was tied to a chair and the woman was sitting on the desk flipping the card around her fingers idly. A wicked grin appearing on her face.

“Its about time you showed up.”

Behind her the clouds quickly darkened as lightning began to form.

“Crap,” Dean muttered under his breath. He had to be very careful how he played this or the Winchester boys would be extra crispy like the last guy.

“I know what you’re thinking. And I’d advise against it.”

“Really lady? Then just what the hell am I thinking?”

“Firing that gun…Killing me…saving your partner? That about cover it? You shoot that thing, it better kill me. Cause before I die, I’ll take you and your brother out in a very special way.”

Dean stares her down. He sees the truth in what she’s saying. If he and Sam didn’t do this right, they’d all end up dead.

“Sammy, you okay?”


“So, you killed those men using that thing? How’d you get it if you don’t mind me asking?”

Keep her talking, Dean thought to himself.

“Auction of some old lady’s estate. Woman probably didn’t even know what she had. Or might have considering how rich she was. Who knows these things really?”

“I get that you want to get back at people who wronged you, but seriously…murder?”

“Just the way the card works. If you ask me, murder was a going easy on them. They deserved so much worse.”

“You really are a wack job you know that?”

“I’m still standing here. And you’re not dead yet, so I’d say I’m not that crazy. But yeah, killing those guys might be crazy to you, but they won’t be hurting anyone else.”

“You get that Sam?”

“Every word,” he replied.

She turned slowly to Sam. He was no longer tied up to the chair and he was holding up his cellphone. He had caught every word of her confession.

Fire raced through her eyes. She was not happy.

“Regular Houdini aren’t you? Lets see if you can get out of this one…”

She squeezed the card and it glowed blood red.

“I don’t think so,” Dean said. He shot her just as a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky bursting through the window.

All three hit the ground.

“Sam you okay?”

Sam picked himself up off the ground. “Fine. You?”

“Been better,” Dean said getting up.

“You shot her?”

They both heard a curse.

“Used rock salt rounds. You know we don’t kill people.”

“Big mistake,” Dr. Garrison said standing up.

Her card was in her hand, once again glowing. She tilts her head back and when she brings it back up her hair had snakes on it.

“Well that’s not good,” Dean said getting a little worried.

Her eyes glowed white, Dean and Sam ran and dove over the couch for cover as she shot beams of light from her eyes. The beam misses the brothers but hits the couch…turning it to stone.

“Oh that is REALLY not good,” Dean said. “So, Brainy Smurf got any ideas on how to dodge getting stoned by Medusa over there.”

“Only got one…the mirror on the other end of the room is reflective. Might deflect the beam and hit her.”

“Yeah, if she doesn’t hit us first.”

“Its all we got,” Sam said.

Dean cursed under his breath. “Fine…You better hope this works.”

“On three,” Sam said. Dean nodded.


The brothers ran as if in slow motion. Garrison shot the beams at them as they ran the beam cracking against the glass as they ran. As they reach the mirrored wall they dove to the ground.

The beam hit the mirror and bounced back hitting Dr. Garrison. She let out a painful scream she turned to stone.

Sam looked up carefully seeing that she was now completely stone. His idea had worked.

Dean got up and walked up to it and poked it.

“Damn. Talk about pilar of salt.”

Sam takes the card that is in her hand out of her grip. It was the only thing that wasn’t turned to stone.

“It didn’t turn to stone either,” Dean asked. Sam shook his head. “Well, lets just rip it then.”


Dean grabs it and tries to rip it up. He struggles with it trying to rip it but it wont rip.


“Think that is one evil card Dean.”

“Well then how do you suggest we keep it safe?”

A little while later at their motel, Sam closes a hex box.

“Worked for the rabbits foot. Should work to contain this until we figure out what to do with it,” Sam said placing it into their trunk. “So, where we headed now?”

“Salem. And please no witch jokes. You know I hate those nasty bitches. Read some reports of kids going missing after trying to stay a night at Logan Castle. Abandoned outside of town. It was a reform school…lots of mysterious deaths. Angry sprits. Sounded like a party to me.”

The boys got in the car and Dean cranked up the music.

“But if we run across any witches…we are so out of there,” Dean said putting on his sunglasses as they headed down the road.

June 1st, 2009

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Who: Ryan Dallion or Ryan the Lion
Where: Curious Goods; Chicago, IL
When: January 29th 2009
What: Ryan reflects on the incident the day before…and finds a new mystery to solve.
Rating: PG-13 for now. Could go to R
Notes: Ryan’s card is uh…oh, The Tower. Fires springing up will be linked to the card. Only he doesn’t know it yet.

Ryan heads downstairs after a long night sleep sipping his coffee. It was his fuel for what would most likely be a long and exhausting day. Those were always the kinds of days they had around here.

He noticed an envelope on the floor. Someone must have been tossed in the mail slot last night because there was nothing there before he went to sleep the night before.

He picked it up and opened it. Inside, was a tarot card.

The Strength Card.

The guy that came with Alli the other day must have found the guy and gotten the card back. Guessing it didn’t end well. After placing the card in the vault, Ryan went out to get a newspaper.

His suspicion was soon confirned when he picked up and read the newspaper’s headline. A man had died of an apparent suicide. While there was nothing overly suspicious there was a mention of high testosterone in his system.

He made a note to try and find the guy later and thank him for getting the card back to the shop. Most people who know what that card could do, would use it to their advantage, but this guy did the right thing.

Also on the front page, there was a front page story about another fire in the downtown area. There had been several fires in that area over the last month. Strangely only a handful of the fires had no explanation.

He had checked the manifest, but there were few items that would fit the mysterious fires. Ryan thought for a moment, and a thought occurred to him. Maybe there was another tarot card out there that was causing this. He picked up a reference book off the shelf and found pictures of tarot cards.

One of which was a church on fire with figures falling to the ground. It would fit. But finding that card in the city would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

He’d have to figure out who would have motive to set these fires, how they were using the card, and most importantly…who was doing it.

Ryan placed a map on a tack board after calling the fire department and asking some questions about the fires he placed blue tacks and red tacks on the board. Blue tacks, fires that had easily determined causes. Red tacks being the buildings that burned down under mysterious circumstances and undetermined causes.

Fires happen, that was a thing you get use to in the city. But fires that seemingly are caused on their own were a different story. Looking at the map it looked like the red tacks were concentrated to one particular area.

Ryan picked up his camera to take outside photos of the mysterious fires…four in total thus far.

After a few hours, his pictures were taken and ready to be loaded onto his computer. But before heading back to the Curious Goods shop, Ryan made a pit stop.

He had been busy with Micki on acquiring some new antiques to sell for the store so he hadn’t been able to make it to the comic book shop for his new comics of the week.

So, he made a quick stop to his local comic book store to get his latest issues and say hello to Alli, his favorite worker at the comic book store. He’d have to remember to thank her and her friend for getting the card.

May 29th, 2009

Lost Father

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The Players : Father Anderson (open)
Where : San Francisco
When : January 30, 2009.
Rating : PG13 – R for language.

Father Anderson stood on the steps leading up the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi in San Francisco. Most people would have been awed by the sheer majesty and beauty of the structure but then again Father Anderson was most definitely not most people. For one thing he had seen and lived among the grandeur's of Rome itself and secondly, Anderson just wasn't that impressed by the works of man anyway.

"Wee bit ostentatious for a holy man that took a vow of poverty." Anderson muttered under his breath but loudly enough he got a few glares from tourists that had come to gawk at the large church.

"Bet it even has a gift shop inside." Anderson added sourly as he glared right back at them.

Anderson wasn't there on a sight seeing tour in any case. The head of Section 13: Iscariot had sent Anderson to help deal with some of the odd things happening in the United States and his first mission was to report to this church to receive further orders.

As Anderson made to enter the main door of the church he noticed two flamboyantly dressed men embracing at the front of the church.

"Just how am I suppose to judge what is 'odd' in this country from its normal strangeness?" Anderson questioned looking heavenward.
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