Mar. 17th, 2011


Owl to all Weasleys )

Mar. 2nd, 2011


Who: Percy Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Fleur Weasley, Bill Weasley (NPC)
What: A nice dinner with no ulterior motives
Where: Shell Cottage
When: Wednesday evening, promptly at six o'clock
Rating: Probably "S" for "Stuffy, dry English conversation"

If this did not get Percy relaxed enough to speak with ease around Luna, then excesses of wine were in order. )

Feb. 24th, 2011


Who: Percy & Fleur Weasley
What: Seeking some feminine advice...awkward times abound
Where: Shell Cottage
When: Thursday evening
Rating: low

Truth be told, Percy wasn't very good with women )

Feb. 14th, 2011


Owl to Luna Lovegood )

Jan. 30th, 2011


Who: Fleur Weasley and Hermione Granger.
What: A cooking lesson that may very well end in disaster.
Where: Ron and Hermione's flat.
When: Saturday afternoon.
Rating: Low.

There was something about her inevitable failure that had her lacking interest in the whole situation... )

Jan. 23rd, 2011


Who: Luna Lovegood and Fleur Weasley
What: Luna trying to come to terms with her father's death
Where: Shell Cottage
When: Sunday night
Rating: Low

She'd comforted so many people about their loved ones dying, telling them they'd see them again one day, that it was ironic that these words did little to comfort her. )

Jan. 11th, 2011


Who: Ron Weasley and Fleur Weasley
What: Fleur attempts to teach Ron to cook
Where: Hermione and Ron's flat
When: Tuesday evening
Rating: Low

It was clear that Ron was no better of a cook than Hermione, and it was also clear that if they ever wanted to eat properly, one of them was going to have to learn. )

Jan. 6th, 2011


Patronuses to the remainder of the Weasley family )

Dec. 27th, 2010


Who: The Weasley family, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are welcome
What: A very subdued Christmas
Where: Shell Cottage, Cornwall
When: Christmas day
Rating: There is the possibility of foul language

Christmas is about family, even one so damaged as this. )

Dec. 26th, 2010



Owl to Ron )

Owl to Hermione )

Owl to Ginny )

Owls each to Bill and Fleur, Charlie and George )

Dec. 20th, 2010


Who: Bill and Fleur Weasley
What: Getting ready for a night out
Where: Shell Cottage
When: BACKDATED to Friday evening before the Ball
Rating: Unknown, but likely to get pretty high

Shall we dance? On a bright cloud of music shall we fly? )

Dec. 18th, 2010


Who: The Weasleys, their dates and Kingsley Shacklebolt.
What: Christmas Charity Ball - Part Two.
Where: The Ministry of Magic.
When: Friday evening.
Rating: Low.

This was the worst part of his job... )