January 16th, 2011

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Who: Theodore Nott and Draco Malfoy
What: A conversation between friends
Where: Nott Manor
When: Sunday afternoon
Rating: Mentions of violence and the like are possible

'I have not been completely honest with you, recently.' )

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Who: Justin Finch-Fletchley
What: The contemplation of one's front door.
Where: Outside of Justin's flat.
When: Night, Saturday.
Rating: Low.

when justin had first saw it, he didn’t immediately do anything rash. )

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Who: Anyone from Dumbledore's Army participating in the fly over (add your characters tag)
What: A search for DE activity
Where: Lots of places
When: Saturday night
Rating: ?

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The group had ended up being a little bit bigger than Harry had expected )

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WHO: Lavender, Parvati, Seamus, and Dean.
WHAT: Sleepover, drinking goodness.
WHERE: Lavender's and Seamus' flat.
WHEN: Sunday, evening.
RATING: I don't even know. Probably swearing.

singing drunken lullabies. )

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WHO: Daphne Greengrass & Amycus Carrow
WHAT: A random encounter turns into something deadly.
WHERE: Knockturn Alley.
WHEN: Late afternoon.

Daphne wasn't opposed to becoming a complete and utter recluse... )

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WHO: Andromeda Tonks, Draco Malfoy, and an appearance by Teddy Lupin
WHAT: A chance meeting
WHERE: The Leaky Cauldron / Diagon Alley
WHEN: Monday morning
RATING: Unknown

This is unexpected. )

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Who: Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
What: Distractions
Where: Their flat
When: Sunday, after the Prophet showed up
Rating: ?

'No, I don't have Rita Skeeter in a jar...' )