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The D.Gray-man Dressing Room - IJ Style!


March 24th, 2012

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[In one of these rooms, there's Tyki lying on a couch with a pillow on his face. He appears to be napping and actually does look decent today (sans the cloak he usually wears and all).

And for once, he seems like any normal Tyki that would lurk around in the Dressing Room.]

March 18th, 2012

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[A side effect from the tea party (on LJ) has gone on long enough perhaps but Allen's still lost his memory.

He's wandering the halls weeks after it, still trying to find something familiar like a Tyki recommended.

But nothing's coming to him. Finally he sits on a bench with a bit of food and tries to eat it, but his heart really isn't in it.]

February 8th, 2012

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[Someone is hungry, so someone is going to the cafeteria for soba. He's got dark circles under his eyes- it's obvious he isn't sleeping well, or much.

He pushes through the door of the restaurant and sits down, resisting the urge to put his head in his hands. So tired... but so hungry.]

February 3rd, 2012

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[From behind a closed door is a muffled commotion- and then an Allen comes running out, followed by two little critters- a raccoon-looking one and a cabbit-looking one. There's smoke coming out from behind them and Allen coughs, staring into the room mournfully.]

I guess I didn't mix that right, after all...

((ooc; ghost!Kanda's Allen, who is very much alive. Come say hi? o/))

January 30th, 2012

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[So when anybody walks into the cafe today, they'll see-- cupcakes. Everywhere. Every table has its own theme to it, either in color scheme, flower type (from the simple to the "how the hell did he do that with a piping bag"), or style, all arranged neatly in stands and interesting displays. There are a few tables that're plain, with the usual decor-- for those that don't like sweets. And one table off to the side has a stack of plain cupcakes and icing, for anybody who's bored and wants something to do.]

[And Kanda's looking fairly proud of himself.]

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[There's a yelp followed by a laugh in one of the snow courtyards, barking as well. A curious nose will find a series of tunnels in snow at least waist high, the noises coming from within.

And getting louder.

Until one golden retriever pup and one full sized redhead come barreling out of the tunnel entrance and into you.

The pup scampers off a little ways from the collision sight, barking cheerfully. Lavi pushes himself up.]

Sorry about that, didn't know anyone was there.

January 27th, 2012

Happy Haunts

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[So as you're walking down a hallway today, you might notice the temperature suddenly, though fairly gradually, drop... Enough to where it's freezing cold eventually. There doesn't seem to be anyone there... Until a disembodied voice echoes from the coldest point in the hall.]

Where is this...?

January 24th, 2012

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[Alma has a very bad habit of showing up in random places. You don't know he's there 'til your vision goes black and white, and you've got a few seconds to get the hell away from wherever you are before he sees you. If he does see you? Usually he'll chase you until he gets bored... or until he catches you.

Then the fun times begin. :D

For now, though, there are Choices to be made. You suddenly see everything in gray-scale... what will you do?

1. Hide and hope to whatever God you believe in he doesn't see you
2. Run the hell away and hope he doesn't catch you
3. Try to talk to him. ... he may even talk back if you catch him at a lucid moment...
4. Die. :D]

January 23rd, 2012

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[down a hallway here going towards the Exorcists' wing of the Dressing Room, there's a very tired-looking Kanda walking. He's wearing his full uniform, and Mugen is still in his hand, even though he's in safe territory now. He looks like... well, like he's been doing exactly what he has been doing, which is patrolling for a good sixteen hours or so straight. For the... oh, probably twentieth day in a row.

Because really, what else is there to do in this place?

If he spots you he'll straighten up and act like he's fine, but if he doesn't, well... it's obvious how exhausted he is.]

January 21st, 2012

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[Well, she's kind of nebulously been around, but here she finally is.]

[Sulking in a courtyard, all by herself.]

[Bother? Y/n/pie?]

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[Lavi's walking around with a big pad of paper in his hands, sketching what looks like a map. He's nodding slowly as he walks, following the trail- and then stops and looks around.]

... there's s'posed t'be a fork here. Damn!

[He goes back to staring at the map, then looks up to see a blank wall in front of him. ... apparently he's taken a wrong turn- that, or the DR just doesn't take kindly to maps.]

January 16th, 2012

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[Out in the middle of a sunny courtyard, there's a Lavi lying in the middle of some tall grass. Chances are you'd trip over him if you weren't looking. He lays there looking up at the sky, a confused look on his face.]

...I'm certain I was following the others. I know I was. And where did my horse go? Sheka...

[He sits up and looks around, his head barely poking up over the grass. He looks...different. His clothes are of some form of native tribe but definitely not one any Earthling would be familiar with. His accent also gives an indication that English is not his first language.]

Were he here, Snowfeather would complain I have had my head in the clouds. [He chuckles with a wry grin.] As would grandfather. Perhaps he's right and I am part of the Hawkbrothers after all.

[This is too much. He flops back down in the grass and resigns himself to watching the clouds.]

It could be much worse.

[OOC: GASP. Old character returns. This is Shin'a'in Lavi, a shaman in training for his tribe. He's based around the Valdemar series of books by Mercedes Lackey which you should read because they're awesome. :D ]

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Let's see, there has to be cat food around here somewhere...

[Allen's out looking for kibble for Maggie. Unfortunately, with this Dressing Room being entirely different from the last one, he's already kind of lost... so he stops in front of a door and focuses on cat supplies, opens it-

- and is immediately buried in a rain of toys. Food bags are on the bottom of the closet, but everything else? Yeah, he's covered with all manner of cat toys, grooming supplies, beds, window perches, and so forth.]


[Don't mind Maggie- she's going to start pouncing on whatever toys move. :D]

January 12th, 2012

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[Did that wall explode? Yeah, it sure did- and through it runs a Daisya. He looks around, then looks up and sees the ceiling above his head. He looks around again, absolutely baffled.]

What th' hell...?

((ooc; canon!Daisya. Enjoy. o/))

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[There's a Tyki in one of the rooms, his cloak tightly wrapped around him. He's sitting on the ground, playing with a kitten with one of his hands. While the kitten nibbles on one of his fingers, a faint smile appears on his face.

Just ignore the faint smell of blood surrounding him.]

January 10th, 2012

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[There's a very annoyed looking redhead walking down the hall, in his arms is a toddler in a red corduroy dress and he's being followed by two border collie pups and a black golem.

He stops in the middle of an intersection.]

Seren, I'm afraid your day care has disappeared.

[An upset look crosses her face and for a moment it looks as if she'll cry. Hunter sighs and leans his head against her's.] I'll find it or a replacement, I promise.

January 8th, 2012

Breath Alma reporting for duty

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[Well, at least this akuma Alma isn't looking crazy, or tearing down walls, or anything? He does look very curious, though... he seems to have only now realized he's not where he was before.]

Did I get lost again? Aaaaah being awake is so much trouble...

January 4th, 2012

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[Well. Here's a completely new beansprout. He (?) is so new that he's looking... completely and utterly bewildered. Thanks to his canon point, he's missing half his shirt-- but curiously, he has bandages around his chest as though he's injured, yet he doesn't seem to be bothered at all.]

...Okay, this is weird. I thought the cafeteria was this way, but... there's nothing but empty halls!


[And for the extremely observant, if they look from the front... you might catch a glimpse of a bust. Clearly it's a trick of the light, right? Right?]

[I dare you to touch it and find out.]

January 3rd, 2012

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[Kanda had fallen asleep in Cade's room again, with Monty and under that big blanket. Whe he wakes up, he's cold and uncomfortable, which is the opposite of what he should be... and upon sitting up he realizes he's on a floor. No blanket... no Lavi, no Monty.

He runs out of the blank room into an equally blank hallway.]


January 1st, 2012

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[Kanda had just been walking the halls to the new garden he and his lover boyfriend fiancee had planted, closer to their room and the cafe... But somehow, somehow something doesn't seem right. Something seems different... very different.]

[Like he'd walked into the Dressing Room all over again, like he wasn't in the same place anymore. And turning around? ...He found a blank wall.]

What-- How the hell--

[But then he remembers something else. Something considerably more important. Something that makes him punch the wall in anger and quickly growing anguish.]

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