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Posted at 3:14am 6/21 [21 Jun 2019|01:19pm]
[Posted as Henry Johnson publicly on the network]

Our overlords are at it again and in a way we could never imagine. Those who are supposed to protect us, help us, or so all the PR marketing says. But what are they really up to? Locking people up for no reason? Experimenting on them? Brainwashing them into committing suicide?

You heard me right. And if you think I’d give such accusations without proof, you think wrong. An unnamed member of our community was kidnapped. Not arrested, they weren’t kept in holding. They were kidnapped. Held in an undisclosed location, tortured, experimented on and broken. When they were released they barely knew their own name much less anyone they knew- their friends. They were underweight and could barely walk.

Their friends helped, but they weren’t doing any better since being released. In fact they were getting worse. Then, we heard it. Piped in through the speakers of their home every hour.

[Attachment of audio recordings piped in through speakers telling the occupant that they’re alone, no one cares for them and they should end it]

These are the people who are supposed to watch over and protect us.

[21 Jun 2019|09:43pm]
Who: Ben and Fitz
What: Keeping 'Quiet'
When: June 18th, evening
Where: Kyrie and Fitz’s place
Rating: High/NSFW - Smut ahoy!!
Status: Complete

I swear I won't tease you, won't tell you no lies.. )

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