Nov. 26th, 2014


Fifth Annual Thanksgiving Sorkinbration

These two clips are my permanent, annual Thanksgiving tradition.


Nov. 24th, 2014


Yay! Fandom Stocking!

Possibly my favouritest fest eva! And it's now open for sign-ups!

For those of you who don't know of it, fandom_stocking is a very low pressure fest that takes place over Christmas. Basically, once you've signed up and requested a few of your favourite things in the comments to the post linked above, the mods put up a stocking for you and between when your stocking is put up and 5 January 2015, people come along and stuff your stocking with little treats - fics or icons, recs or recipes.

There's no pressure because, although it's encouraged, you don't have to stuff any stockings yourself to take part, but best of all you can search the tags or seek out your friends and give them lovely little treats to brighten their new year!

Unless you're Claire, in which case you write me Ryan Reynolds/Sharktopus fic because you enjoy causing me pain. (I have not forgotten. I will never forget. The scars are for life, I tell you! Life!)

The funnest part of this thing for me is writing, so you're all going to sign up and request my OTPs, aren't you? Because there are so few treats I can write for Yuletide. Woe is me!

Nov. 18th, 2014


November broadcast

It's National Novel Writing Month! Halfway into National Novel Writing Month.

I thought, low key, I'd try to get a thousand words done a day. Not so successful even in that venture, so what I was thinking was that I'd make a little community where I'd post my daily fic, be it pieces of the same work or stand alone snippets.

I got accepted into a coding program starting January! I'm going to finish this course in the community college, do the coding program, and go straight into an accelerated development course that has job If that's the right words to use?

In any free time I miraculously have, I want to watch Nikita, finish The Musketeers, finish formatting all my fic and start/finish editing it to be put back up on the intarwebs, finish writing Ill Winds and not die.

Sounds fun.

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