Jul. 27th, 2014


video game accomplishments for the week

I finished the main story quest for Borderlands 2!!

I also completed the Captain Scarlett DLC so I could complete it with a pirate captain head, which is awesome. My Mechromancer - I call her Judy because why not - is happy with herself even if we didn't actually save Pandora wholesale because Hyperion is still smarming around out there.

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It's crude and ridiculous and frequently questionable but I actually do love it. The stories - despite ALL ENDING TRAGICALLY PRETTY MUCH - are pretty poignant and interesting sometimes, and the atmosphere, particular in places like the Caustic Caverns and Hayter's Folly, are really cool and well thought out. Caustic Caverns because it's goddamn terrifying and the dark roots and creatures overrunning the remains of civilizing efforts are really well done and Hayter's Folly because I! Love Lagoons! (Oasis is also actually kind of amazing and I wish you could explore those grand, weatherbeaten hotels although I see why they didn't build that area.) Although I am NEVER going in The Fridge again you can't MAKE me who the hell thought that terrifying discordant note of music was appropriate to play in a frozen, lonely area chock full of Lab Rats and Stalkers. NOOOPE. (Side note: who the bejeezus thought that Henry and Taggert story was okay??? IT WAS REALLY STUPID BUT IT LEGITIMATELY UPSET ME WTF.)

Also I got to literally blow up two jerk dudes on behalf of the women they were harassing, which pleased me. My mom, who in general is alarmed by video game violence, even laughed when I told her the Outlook story.

Also I love Ellie and Moxxi and Maya and Gaige. (And Lilith and Roland and Mordecai, too, though Brick endeared himself to me when I jumped off the east end of Mortar's tower and he got all choked up with pride.) I found (I think) all of Maya's ECHO recordings in the preserve - were there only two? - and I definitely want to do a playthrough with her. I'm not sure Gaige's ECHO recordings are in the game. I've been trying to wiki it but unsuccessfully. Ellie and her accent are cute as hell and Moxxi was a delight all through the Torgue Tournament and Opportunity.

And speaking of Gaige, how can you not love a girl who cuts off her own arm and replaces it with a cyborg part so she can make her bully-deterring science fair submission the best it can be? But I hope she gets to meet up with her dad again someday.

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Jul. 25th, 2014


I have never attended Wiscon - I only made my first toe-dipping foray into the wild and wonderful world of conventions this year - but the collections of links coming out tracking Jim Frenkel's pattern of sexual harassment and Wiscon's irresponsible handling of the needed repercussions had been reminding me of late what a constant struggle it is to maintain safe spaces, even spaces constructed and regulated by people who ostensibly pride themselves on keeping said places safe. Some days how tiring it is to have to balance these kinds of pros and cons - the choice between protecting yourself and calling them out, which all too often are made mutually exclusive options - is profoundly exhausting.

From [personal profile] coffeeandink: A small collection of links and a copy of the email they sent in to Wiscon, which I think lays out the fundamental problem with the obfuscating response Wiscon has offered.
@ RadishReviews: A much larger collection of links concerning the incident.

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Jul. 24th, 2014


clearly i have all the superior ideas

Have you ever considered how magic Kuroshitsuji would be with Elizabeth as the main character, though.

I don't know why we don't have a series - TV, manga, whatever - about a sweet frivolous high society lady occasionally having to take time off from making her debut and romancing her quiet childhood love to deal with demons and espionage and corrupt nobility and murder because it would be AMAZING.

(Because I like Ciel I would still give him more secondary screentime than Lizzie gets right now.)

Plus I have a sneaking feeling a lot villains or monsters in the series would have hilarious reactions to how low priority they are in Lizzie's life. Saving civilians? YES. Protecting the people she loves? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT. Paying attention to melodramatic monsters at any other time? Um, did you miss the part where she was a ball to get to or a parlour to redecorate?

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