Jul. 24th, 2014


clearly i have all the superior ideas

Have you ever considered how magic Kuroshitsuji would be with Elizabeth as the main character, though.

I don't know why we don't have a series - TV, manga, whatever - about a sweet frivolous high society lady occasionally having to take time off from making her debut and romancing her quiet childhood love to deal with demons and espionage and corrupt nobility and murder because it would be AMAZING.

(Because I like Ciel I would still give him more secondary screentime than Lizzie gets right now.)

Plus I have a sneaking feeling a lot villains or monsters in the series would have hilarious reactions to how low priority they are in Lizzie's life. Saving civilians? YES. Protecting the people she loves? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT. Paying attention to melodramatic monsters at any other time? Um, did you miss the part where she was a ball to get to or a parlour to redecorate?

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Jul. 16th, 2014


on a personal note

I'm taking a supplemental math course with my brother during the summer - it's filling in some pretty serious gaps in my childhood math education, and I'm really grateful for it. I hope I'm going to do well, even if I hoped I'd also be able to encourage my brother to work with me, and that's not working out so well. He's deep into his 16-year-old teenage funk.

I haven't been to the doctor for a while because of money problems, which isn't working out great.

Our cat had to have all of her teeth but one removed, which was terrifyingly expensive and terrifyingly hard on her. She's been amazingly resilient, though, and you wouldn't believe how grateful I am that she's eating again. Our fluffy little monster is getting back on her feet.

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new adventures in the world of me

So I've made the (possibly extreme) move of unsubscribing to every personal account I followed (unless I subscribed to the account for other purposes than personal.) Not because I don't want to keep track of anyone anymore, just because my brain is, as always, going hog wild and rather than cut and run in a nervous froth and set up another fruitless account - because NOTHING MORE SENSIBLE IS WORKING UGH - I'm simply going to draw in my feelers for a while.

On the TV front: I watched the first episode of Penny Dreadful, which I liked, and the first two episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn, which I'm on the fence about but intend to finish, and part of the first episode of The 100, which is promising but very CW and so far features a cast heavily salted with people TSTL.

On the video game front: I haven't played Blades of Time in a while! I finished Tomb Raider (2013) which was amazing and changed my life, I might see if I can work up a full post on that later. Even though I tried to free weekend of Borderlands 2 when my brother recommended it, and later purchased it and played it with him, it wasn't until Tomb Raider that I stopped being ridiculously uncomfortable, nervous and confused. And several newspaper stories as of late have made me very glad to have a venue in which I can cathartically blow people's heads off, to be honest. If you didn't know this about me, you might as well know it about me now: I have always been a vicious person, and I have finally found my outlet.

(I'm a level 20 Mechromancer and she has a crush on everyone. Currently she and Angel are making up, but we'd have to go poly bcs Gaige is obviously head over heels with her robot. I'm a sucker for gleefully malevolent little girls - even though she's nineteen - and 'TO HELL WITH THE FIRST LAW!!!' has become my favourite battlecry OF. ALL. TIME.

Also, fuck Goliaths.)


Not to mention Belle, and Snowpiercer and La Belle et La BĂȘte.

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