May. 23rd, 2015


In boring, non-Eurovision and middle-aged related news...

I’m thinking of buying a new food processor.

Mine is almost as old as my (first) mortgage - coming up to 25. I got it as my ‘free gift’ with Kay’s Catalogue when we first purchased the house - ‘free’ because it actually cost me £9.99, which was still an excellent deal. It chops, whisks, grates, slices, kneads... it even has one of those weird wavy egg whisks :D It’s still going strong, but it’s now yellow, not white, as the plastic’s aged, and it was only ever 0.8li, so very small. So I’m debating upgrading to one that’s bigger, but has the same range of accessories.

I’m thinking this one at the moment, but does anyone have any suggestions? Bearing in mind that I'm in the UK :D

May. 18th, 2015


Person of Interest 1x01 - 1x06~

I managed to hook my family on this, which means we will probably successfully watch through the seasons, and not be swallowed by the black abyss of my fleeting attention span. (This and The Musketeers, which we should probably finish first, since it's shorter.)

Mom wants to see Empire, but we're waiting for that to be out on DVD, so this is our Taraji P. Henson gateway drug.

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