Dec. 18th, 2014


Whoa I'm writing, beta anyone?

SGA beta?

I wrote/posted 3 ficlets on Slashing_lorne for the 12 Days of Lorne and could use someone to take a-look-see for any needed edits - all pg-13

Lorne/Parrish, wc: 448
Lorne/Sheppard, Ronon/McKay, wc: 1085
Lorne/Ronon, Sheppard/McKay, wc: 828

Then I have one last SGA ficlet to write that I haven’t started, possibly Lorne/Parrish or a Lorne, Rodney thing that I have playing in my head.

Also after Xmas before Jan 12th when their due - I’m hoping to get my SPN spanking theme challenge (charter school) with 3 ficlets: Adult Dean with OFC & OMC and child Sam & OMC (these are 2 within the same verse), Teen Dean with OMCs.

One other SPN spanking fic a crossover with SGA. A AU spanking curtain fic o.O with a young teen Dean (13 or 14). Ronon as the spanker (non sexual) with a side pairing of Ronon/Lorne. I prefer not to say anymore as it’d spoil the fun, but will happily spoil anyone if you’re interested in beta’n and prodding me along.

I also have a DA/NCIS, I’m hoping to finish. A future piece post Freak Nation, continues on from my fic: Eventually Time Heals. I hope to stay on this roll as my muse is in the drivers sit (it’s about time, yeah?)

OK back to my DA crossdressing piece, yes crossdressing and Alec looks delicious! (the gods willing I’ll finish it this weekend!!!)

Waves hi & offers hugs for anyone who remembers me....