Feb. 28th, 2015


FIC: "You Make Yourself Another" (ST: TOS/ST:AOS) GEN

People deal with grief in different ways. One of mine is to write. There's an idea I've had since shortly after the 2009 "Star Trek" reboot movie, and in honor of Leonard Nimoy as we last saw him playing Spock, I sat down yesterday to finally write it up, and finished it this morning.

If you don't care for "Star Trek" fan fiction, well, feel free to pass this on by. But if you'd like to spend a few moments with my remembrance -- and you recall the First Season Original Series episode "The Conscience of the King" -- you may care to look under the cut.

Story Under the Cut )

Feb. 27th, 2015


flicking through old KHR chapter notes

I feel like fandom rule 63-ing Sawada Tsuna and portraying her as timid and blushing is such an opportunity lost. SHE WOULD OBVIOUSLY BE A YANKEE. (I only know this from manga terms, so forgive me if I'm using it wrong, but she would fit the trope as presented perfectly.) Tsuna is sullen and cynical and self-defeating, and a realist in fights, and in fact kind of a passive-aggressive asshole in early chapters. Flashback Arisa, much? There’s a side to the argument that says a rule 63 character would be affected by society’s response to her gender and sex, but in that case why not show the same personality suffering those effects? Instead they mostly seem to portray female characters as defined by society's 101 Rules For Women.

(But Rule 63 fandom sometimes displays a baffling strength of commitment to stereotypical gender roles. Such as the Dean Winchester Rule63 that posited she would wait at home in checkered dresses making apple pies. Like...if you want Castiel/Dean to be het so strongly, just make an OC! Posit her as a Chosen One! I'd read it, and as a bonus your poor young lady will not be saddled with John Winchester as a Dad.)

I just feel like so much opportunity is lost for a yelling cowardly asshole girl as long-suffering protagonist.

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