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Eric Rudolph taunts victims from prison

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The big news in Atlanta this morning: Eric Rudolph is taunting his vicitms from his Supermax jail cell. Rudolph was convicted of the Olympic bombing here in town, plus bombing several abortion clinics. Many people in Georgia think he should have gotten the death sentence, but his trial was conducted in Alabama, and he was only given life.

Eric still belives that anyone helping abortion doctors should die, and has nothing but contempt for his victims. He still enjoys the support of many a fanatic. The local articles require log-ins, so behind the cut is the AP story copied from a free source. Our local news has been running interviews with lawyers who are trying to pass laws similar to those restricting criminals from keeping photos of their victims in cells. The lawyers want Rudolph's missives from jail to stop.

As of earlier this morning, if you looked on the Army of God website, you could find his supporter reading out Rudolph's letters. I can't bring myself to link to the videos, but they're out there.

Associated Press Article )

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On relation to dominionists, or "didn't we see this shite a good ten years or more ago?"

Eric Rudolph has been sentenced to multiple life imprisonment terms (see your favourite national news source for details)--reportedly he was apologetic re the Olympic bombing but showed *no remorse whatsoever* in regards to the targeting of the women's clinic or gay nightclub he blew up...

It's also to this day widely suspected that a network of dominionists and other sympathisers actively helped Eric Rudolph hide out from the government for years. (It would, sadly, not shock me--I heard people in the church I walked away from, and even my own family, express praise for Rudolph in regards to the attacks on abortion clinics and that it was "cool he was able to hide out in the mountains, I hope they DON'T catch him"... :P)

Anyways, whilst looking for resources in regards to another post involving dominionist threats in a mental health clinic (which serves multiple populations, including gay/les/bi/trans folks and drug addicts, which are *at best* considered demon-possessed by a large number of dominionists if not actively in worship of Beelzebub) I found the following bits...including some *extremely* interesting, and all too sadly (in hindsight) relevant, info on Chuck Colson:

Backgrounder on Chuck Colson and his support of the nastiest of the dominionist rogue's gallery )

I mention all of that as backgrounder, and Eric Rudolph's years of misadventure, because of this:

In which Chuck Colson gives unpleasant reminders of fifteen years ago )

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Craigslist nugget

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