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Inspired by two posts from THIS site.


Dominionist Christians are those who take the bible as literal Truth and legal authority, just like the Sadducees of Christ's time. . .
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the vultures are circling....


Evangelist Franklin Graham said Tuesday that Hurricane Katrina could lead to a spiritual rebirth of a sinful New Orleans. Graham, the son and designated successor of the Rev. Billy Graham, said he doesn't believe the devastating storm was a punishment from God for what he sees as the city's ties to satanic worship and sexual perversion.

"I'm not saying that God used this storm as a judgment," Graham said. But he said the city's Mardi Gras revelry and ties to voodoo were adverse to Christian beliefs.

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Reading links

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Also, I am currently constructing a possible letter to my pastor regarding the dominionist threat. I plan to post it at some point and get your input.

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Ohio Restoration Project: an analysis


Thanks to [info]twistedchick for this find. Here's the website: Ohio Restoration Project And here is what [info]twistedchick said about it on her blog:

"This is a Dominionist move to install religious law instead of civil law in the state of Ohio, with recruitment for support through conservative churches; I linked in my last post to a pastor's letter to the editor opposing it.

What's involved? Let's look at the website itself. When you read the following excerpt, please remember that the buzzwords like freedom and harvest and spiritual warfare may mean something different to the people for which it was written:"
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Christianity Today's article roundup


I ran into a real treasure trove of links to articles, blogs and opinions on Christianity Today's weblog. It seems that there has been a lot of press- pro and con- about the push towards theocracy. A quote:

It's Will that offers perhaps one of the best prescriptions of the week:

Some Christians should practice the magnanimity of the strong rather than cultivate the grievances of the weak. But many Christians are joining today's scramble for the status of victims. There is much lamentation about various "assaults" on "people of faith." Christians are indeed experiencing some petty insults and indignities concerning things such as restrictions on school Christmas observances. But their persecution complex is unbecoming because it is unrealistic.

In his autobiography, Billy Graham notes just how much things have changed for the movement he sparked: "Evangelicals are no longer an ignored minority. In fact, our greatest danger may come from our public visibility and influence."

For the last 50 years, evangelicals have been complaining that they want "a seat at the table." They received not only a seat, but a seat of power. To continue claiming that Christianity is in immediate danger of being made illegal in this country (as says a new book from a respected Christian publishing house) is childish and wildly inaccurate, not to mention wrong-headed (would a persecuted church be less a church than a complacent church?).Read more... )

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Time Magazine: Article on the top 25 evangelicals in America

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This is Time Magazine's newest cover story: The Top 25 Evangelicals in America Interesting (and chilling) reading about some of the movers and shakers of Dominionism and their future short- and long-term plans. Read more... )

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Evangelists flock to Iraq to 'save' Muslims


Bible Belt missionaries set out on a 'war for souls' in Iraq

The missionaries are mainly evangelicals who reject talk of Muslims and Christians worshipping the same God.

Jerry Vines, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention, has described the Prophet Mohammed as a "demon-obsessed paedophile". Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham and the head of Samaritan's Purse, a big donor to Iraq, has described Islam as a "very evil and wicked religion".

The missionaries pose a dilemma for President George W Bush. He has reached out to Muslims since September 11, shrugging off criticism from evangelicals to describe Islam as "peaceful". But Christian conservatives are also a key Bush constituency: Franklin Graham delivered the invocation prayer at his presidential inauguration.

I think that these missionaries are in for a very rude awakening. Why can't they leave well enough alone?

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