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Hope City Church, UK

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]multiclassgeek)

One of the biggest churches in the North of England is based in my 'alma mater town' of Sheffield, with branches all over The North. It's known as Hope City church, and meets in a heavily-converted former factory. I was never a member, but several of my 'corridor mates' from first-year University accomodation were.

Over the course of time I've seen various bits of Dominionist-sounding theology emerging from it, or mentioned in reports (something about refinancing your home to give money to the church - and at least one heavily-publicised visit from "A famous American healer" whose name escapes me)

However, I've investigated a couple of iterations of their website, and have not been able to uncover any overt Dominionist links (no obvious codewords, links to Assemblies front groups, or other tell-tale signs), so I thought I'd mention it here, to see if [info]dogemperor or someone else could succeed where I've failed, or spot something I've missed.

The current website is here

EDIT: OK, I admit, my Google-Fu was weak, here. Question answered, suspicions confirmed. Thanks for the help, everyone!

EDIT2: Tagged. Can I request a new set of 'national tags' for non-USA based Dominionist activity

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Fun with stealth evangelism and ripoffs of corporate logos

...or, will Microsoft start going after Salem Communications?

At this link, there is discussion going on in regards to an advert being used by a group connected with "CrossWalk" that is almost a direct ripoff of the Xbox 360 logo:
copy of the offending advert )
Now, CrossWalk is one of those names that tends to throw up *major* alarm bells for me. For those who aren't aware, CrossWalk is actually a division of Salem Communications--owner of a large "godcasting" radio empire that has connections to (among other things) Calvary Chapel's wholescale hijacking of radio translator licenses and which itself has engaged in deliberate attempts to hijack licenses of "full power" public broadcasting stations. More directly of note, however, CrossWalk is also one of the more than 40 documented front groups of the Assemblies of God and, in typical fashion, is also apparently a brand-name heavily used by Assemblies-connected groups in general including at least one group specifically targeting children.

This particular "CrossWalk" does use the same logo as the one used by Salem Communications' CrossWalk, but (in a notable exception) claims to be a Lutheran church. However, it happens to be a member of a dominionist synod of the Lutheran church (the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod; per at least one report this is one of the dominionist branches of Lutheranism (and probably the most hardline of all of them); the Wisconsin Synod is considered so far to the right of most Lutheran groups (even making the Missouri Synod look moderate in comparison) it can be considered a dominionist breakaway sect).

Of note, the group seems to be explicitly targeting children, not just in the advertising but in that it is promoting the "CrossWalk for Kids" meetings. (From what little I've been able to find out, it does seem connected to Salem Communications' CrossWalk.com.)

At least two separate blogs dedicated to gaming, including the unofficial blog of the director of XBox Live programming.

EDIT: The website Church Marketing Sucks has an excellent commentary on the issue of "religious ripoffs"--almost direct ripoffs of trademarks and service marks to advertise dominionist churches, promote "bait and switch" evangelism, and generally try to be terribly clever.

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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]lillybeloved)

I'm interested in visiting some of the local dominionist/fundamentalist churches, but I'm not really sure what denominations are currently in the mix (besides the SBC and Assemblies of God), just so I can do some personal research on what services are like, what is being said, etc. Results would definetly be posted in my journal.
I know there's at least one other member in this community who used to live in Waco, TX.
If anyone knows of any groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Austin area, that would be cool too.
thank yall.

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What are the Religious Reich calling themselves these days? I'm looking for terms that the dominionist/AoG etc. would use to describe themselves/their movement. Not the terms which we know them (Dominionist, Theocratic, etc.)

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In direct relation to busting dominionists' tax exempt statuses...

In light of first the DefCon America call for people to report dominionist groups violating tax exempt status and a later report of at least the second serious threat against Focus on the Family's tax exempt status, I would like to present both a bit of useful info and history and a very long list of groups that you, too, can file complaint in regards to.
First, the history )

A brief note on the whole 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 stuff...the US tax code allows specific exemptions to federal taxes for certain classes of nonprofit organisations. To make a very long story short, the three main types of nonprofit groups legally recognised under the US tax codes are 501(c)3 groups, 501(c)4 groups, and PACs (political action committees). Both 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 groups can be set up as nonprofit groups; 501(c)3 exemptions tend to be used by churches, schools and educational groups whilst 501(c)4 groups tend to be used by actual lobbying groups. (Of note to Dark Christianity, dominionist groups typically register as 501(c)3 groups, and typically under the "religious ministry" or "educational foundation" exemptions (with the exception of groups like the DeVos Foundations, which are organised as private charitable foundations). The very few dominionist groups registered as 501(c)4 groups are uniformly registered as "social welfare organisations".)

The main difference in practice between a 501(c)3 and a 501(c)4 in practice:

501(c)3 group donations *can* be counted off on taxes as "tax deductible donations" but 501(c)3 groups generally are not legally allowed to engage in most political activity. (Certainly not advocating certain persons or certain parties for election, even certain issues can be iffy if it's a party-defining issue)

501(c)4 groups have more leeway as far as lobbying in Congress and state governments but donations to these groups are *not* tax deductible.

The specific IRS rules for lobbying for 501(c)3 groups are here and the rules for 501(c)4 "social welfare" groups are here.

Of special note (and of major import for dominionist groups)--groups that lose their 501(c)3 status as a result of lobbying *cannot* apply for 501(c)4 status; they lose their tax exempt status period. (Christian Coalition had changed their status to 501(c)4 just before the IRS yanked their tax exempt status, and it was only after almost seven years before it was restored; even now, they're essentially on "double secret probation" with the IRS.) Also, 501(c)4 groups can't have political lobbying as their *primary* activity (which is much of what got the Christian Coalition in trouble, and what may even get the few dominionist 501(c)4 groups in hot water).

Instead of the 1040C or other business-related tax forms that are normally filled out, organisations that qualify as 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 groups fill out a different form, called a form 990 or form 990-PF (the latter mostly applies to 501(c)4 groups); churches are largely exempt from having to register or file a form 990 (it's "assumed" they're tax exempt unless they show misbehaviour like, oh, distributing blatantly partisan dominionist voter's guides in sermon).

This is important in relevance to the next section:
Form 990 filings and tax exempt statuses for lots of dominionist groups )

I know there are probably dominionist groups I've not listed there--if you've additions, let me know and I can add their tax info (and you can have fun reporting them for their misbehaviour!).

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Recently Learned news about Dominionist in Action

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

How many people here know former Attorney General John Ashcroft is a member Assembly of God (AoG)?

Appearently he has been going around the country and having breakfast prayer meetings with local law enforcement.

As the grand schemer behind the Patriot Act and the Patriot Act II (which was shot down by Congress due to pressure from  intelligent and well-informed people thankfully).

He is now trying to make the Patriot Act 2.1 come to life and has been getting support from local law enforcement senior officers and government.

This past Thursday he spoke to 1,100 people at the Annual South Hampton Roads Leadship Prayer Breakfast (a gathering of the local forces of governmental corruption and tyranny).

The breakfast was sponsored by the Law Enforcement Officers Fellowship (a hardcore Christian Police brotherhood with a near
all-white membership), and was billed as part of a national movement "to support prayer (dominionism) in government at all levels."

More about Ashcroft is that he teaches locally as a distingusted professor of law and government (Bullshit!)  here in Virginia at Regent University (A pro-Religious Reich campus founded by Pat Robertson) and spends two weeks on campus lecturing (probably expouting the virtues of Christian dominionism and drapped in the America Flag). 

The University has refused the local paper and press a chance to interview him or attend one of  this lectures he gives, they are actual screening people to get into the class Ashcroft speaks (which sounds kinda hinky to me).

He was honored this week by Regent University as part of his working in protecting (controlling) America and its people (sheeple).

I still find it funny that John Ashcroft lost to a deadman (and his wife) as the governor of Missouri.

Mr. Ashcroft was the governor which was he lost and was viewed by most of the people in the state of Missouri as an extremist (dominionist) leader of Christian values and would overuse God in every speech he used.

This actual turned off more people than it did to raise the believability of the quality of leadership and "The Show-Me-State" people basically saw right through him.

While this story was covered by our local press person Steven G.Vegh, I since learned that Mr. Vegh has done alot of so-called positive spin doctoring for and on our local religious scumbag Pat "I'm an Complete Asshole"Robertson.

Mr. Vegh is also a graduate of Regent University and has been working as member of the local paper, mainly covering religious storylines for the paper.

I've noticed a  pattern, that Mr. Vegh is often writing revisionisms of events with a special spin towards Christianity (dominionist) values everytime his words are printed in the paper.  




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Restoration Movement

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thornewilder)

In the continuing research into potentially dominionist groups...The restoration movement (Stone Campbell) pops into view.

Neophyte Question of the Day:
In reading about this group, specifically in association to the Church of Christ, which I have heard has strong dominionist leanings, I wonder how does this fit - or does it - into the continuum that includes AoG and pente?
Also I have seen a distinction between pente and penta - costal in relation to the trinity. Was this a dream? (lately I've been having horrific dreams)

From Wikipedia:

Original Doctrinal beliefs of Stone-Campbell Movement

"Christianity should not be divided, Christ intended the creation of one church.
Creeds divide, but Christians should be able to find agreement by standing on the Bible itself (from which all creeds are human expansions or constrictions) instead of on the opinions of men about the Bible.
Ecclesiastical traditions divide, but Christians should be able to find common ground by following the practice (as best as it can be determined) of the early church.
Names of human origin divide, but Christians should be able to find common ground by using biblical names for the church (i.e., "Christian Church" or "Church of Christ" as opposed to "Methodist" or "Lutheran", etc.). It is in this vein that conservative members of the Churches of Christ object to the phrase "Stone-Campbell Movement"..."

then it moves on to the bell and whistle section

"Another schism which ultimately split the Churches of Christ again, was the Crossroads Movement which started in the 1960s and 1970s. The Crossroads Movement initially started as a somewhat radical, although largely accepted, movement within some institutional churches. Under the Crossroads Movement, each church was divided into "Prayer Cells". Each Cell had a "Prayer Brother" who was assigned newer members in the church. Within each prayer cell the members would confess their sins, in "Soul Talks", and offer support. Each cell's brother would then form Prayer Cells with other Prayer Brothers in a pyramid organization. The Crossroads Movement started at the 14th Street Church of Christ in Gainesville, Florida, which became known as "Crossroads Church of Christ", an incubator for the future International Churches of Christ. The Crossroads Movement spread across Churches of Christ as a means to revitalize smaller churches and evangelize college campuses. This movement appears to be directly related to the Shepherding Movement that was gaining influence in the wider Evangelical world at the time..."

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Prophecy 101

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thornewilder)

I was just perusing Wikipedia. (I am unable to leave the FGBMFI group because of its wealth and power, and clearly stealth theocratic ambitions) and went to the latter rain movement founder William Branham. He ends up being considered an important influence in the FGBMFI group. But I noticed the Branham prophecies and thought they were interesting:

1. "Franklin D. Roosevelt will run four terms and take America into a second world war.
2. "The dictator that's now arising in Italy will come into power, Ethiopia will fall. He'll come to a shameful end.
3. "The women has been permitted to vote. And in voting, someday they'll elect the wrong man.
4. "Our war will be with Germany, and they will build a great big concrete place and fortify themselves in there, and the Americans will take a horrible beating.
5. "Science will progress in such a way until they will make a car that will not have to be guided by a steering wheel, and the cars will continue to be shaped like an egg until the consummation
6. "I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple, and I got little parenthesis down here, 'She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps the Catholic church'
7. "I saw this United States burning like a smolder; rocks had been blowed up. And it was burning like a--a heap of fire in logs or something that just set it afire; and looked as far as I could see and she'd been blown up.[2]


What I find fascinating is #6 in relation to the Supreme Court. I have been trying to figure why - given the open and bigoted anti-catholic statements made by the RR-

Romanism is a pagan counterfeit of the Christian religion, ancient paganism and idolatry, claiming to be the church which Christ founded…The Roman Church is not another Chirsitian denomination. It is a satanic counterfeit…”
Bob Jones Jr., referring to the Catholic Church, FAITH for the Family, 1991, Bob Jones University

-the RR is rabidly pro-Alito.

Does anyone have more info on this? Or is this flaky. ;-0

Also did Branham have any known associations with racist groups?

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VERY interesting link re political contributions from churches

...speaking of political contributions:

http://www.opensecrets.org/industries/contrib.asp?Ind=W05&Cycle=2000 has a list of church groups that have donated politically (something that one would think would be enough to shut down the tax exempt status of churches, but apparently not...though it should).

Apparently the AoG (through private individuals) was the second largest church-related donor in the *country* in 2000, with over $22,000 going to Republican candidates.

Per http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.asp?CID=N00005165&cycle=2000, nearly all of this money went to John Ashcroft's campaign for election--and he was *still* beaten by a dead man.

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A lighter note.

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]loquaciousnut)

This made me laugh, for some reason. :-)

Let us eat goldfish
November 1, 2005

The First Assembly of God Church in Florence, Alabama, has agreed to discontinue its practice of asking teenagers to swallow live goldfish. A minister, Anthony Martin, said the goal was to teach the teenagers about fear.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asked for a ban on the practice, Associated Press reports. The pastor, Greg Woodall, replied to the group in a letter: "I do appreciate your concern and just wanted to let you know that this will never happen again … We love God's creatures and would never want to show them harm."


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Harriet Meir's Nomination Withdrawn

Per CNN and multiple other news-sources, Bush is withdrawing Harriet Miers' nomination for Supreme Court justice:


This is relevant to this community because--in large part--Miers may have been specifically selected because she was a dominionist rather than on her qualifications. The most infamous example of this link appears to be multiple reports that she was selected on specific information from Focus on the Family's leader James Dobson. Dobson refused to provide the info until threatened with a possible subpoena; more on this below.

Miers has links to other dominionist groups, as documented in this article (most of the evidence is in the responses), but I'll summarise the relevant info:

links to dominionist groups, as noted by article above )

Interestingly, as more info on her links came out, the dominionist groups started backing away; Concerned Women for America was one of the few dominionist groups not to endorse her, and after a while Dobson started backpedaling. Most news sources are in fact reporting much of the reason she eventually lost the nomination was she wasn't enough of a hardline dominionist (as frightening as it sounds!).

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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]deridetenebras)

FLORENCE, Ala. - The First Assembly of God Church has a Fear Factor ministry that lets youths swallow live goldfish in order to teach them about fear.

"We need to be realistic about what the Bible says about fear and not be afraid to share our faith in school," youth minister Anthony Martin told the TimesDaily in a story Thursday. "We can't let that fear rule our lives."

Read more... )


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What do we make of this?


Miers Joins Dallas Church Breakaway Group

Anyone know about this church or the pastors involved?

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Identifying a Church


My recent foray into Harriet Miers's church reminded me of a complex question I've had for a while.

How can an outsider tell what a church believes/teaches?

I mean, sometimes it's easy, Urbana Assembly of God Church is an Assembly of God church, and you can assume that it adheres pretty closely to the beliefs and teachings of other AoG churches.

Often, however, the churches are more coy about it, and just say they are "Christian" or "Non-Denominational". What ways are there to tell if a church is teaching Christian Reconstructionism? Or is Pentecostal/Charismatic (or some variation)? Or is supporting Dominionist causes and organizations? Or is preaching dangerous attitudes like "name it and claim it" prayer and regular "chastening" of children?

What should we be looking for when we run across a church? I mean, even if they want to hide their true nature from outsiders, they still want to attract like-minded people, so I assume they would keep their beliefs somewhat visible, even if it's encoded in some way, don't they? Or is that not a safe assumption?

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In a followup to articles on A-Beka et al...

It turns out that Reforming Schools has a full expose of an AoG church school receiving moneys under state voucher programs.

(Seeing as AoG religious schools commonly use the A-Beka curriculum--which I have reported on in a two-part series, and seeing as there is now a major push for the use of vouchers for Katrina evacuees, this is very relevant.)

Among other things, this particular school is:

a) only one of *eleven* schools interviewed that were even remotely willing to allow outside groups in that are receiving state money
b) per the article, requires sectarian religious tests for employees (even though they are receiving state dollars)
c) require kids (in violation of the state regulations) to attend religious indoctrination courses without an option of opting out
d) apparently thinks that "name it and claim it" *faith healing* is an appropriate response for injured kids on the playground (per the article: "Our faith is woven into everything we do. If a child falls down on the playground, we pray for him.")

This is part of a special report Rethinking Schools has done on voucher programs, in which the two articles mentioned in my reports on A-Beka originally appeared (and which were invaluable for some of my own research).

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And now, a request for help...

Specifically, a new project that should be useful to people researching dominionism.

My inspiration was in updates for the "Big List" (via an accidental discovery whilst searching for info re my last post to Dark Christianity re toughened college standards in California and how dominionist education doesn't make the cut anymore)...

...among other things, it appears there are a surprising number of front groups for some dominionist denominations, in particular the AoG (I know of at least seven or eight, there are probably far more).

I know some other groups nominally associated with dominionism that are known to be coercive religious groups (such as the Unification Church/Moonies) have front groups numbering in the hundreds to thousands, as do some other coercive religious groups like Scientology; I have also read in multiple pages on studies of coercive religious groups that the existance of hundreds of "front organisations" may in fact be a hallmark of larger coercive religious groups in general.

So, with that:

Dogemperor proposes the first mapping of dominionist front groups, featuring the specific group I walked away from )

Anyway, if we could get folks working on mapping the various groups associated with dominionist groups/denominations in such a fashion it might well be easier to show (among other things) evidence they're *definitely* trying to hide something. :3

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California nixes dominionist "cerification mills" for university students.

Much of the bleating so far about this has been in dominionist sources, and in a decidedly negative light, but something you all may be interested in (in light of the recent case of a kid kicked out of a Catholic school for having a lesbian mom):

Reportedly the University of California public university system has started implementing rigorous standards in requring minimum standards for high school education for those admitted to public universities in that state. Part of these standards include basic science education--including on the theory of evolution--and social studies.

The standards, as it turns out, disqualify students coming from dominionist schools (generally accredited by dominionist-run, dominionist-operated "accreditation mills") and in particular a large association used by dominionist schools called the Association of Christian Schools International. (Of note, the dominionist group I walked away from has its school accredited through this organisation--THIS should tell you of the quality of the "accreditation" through this group!)

It would also likely block dominionist homeschool programs, both because of extremely minimal standards (for those few dominionist homeschool programs that are accredited) and because some dominionist homeschool programs actually pride themselves on their lack of accreditation.

In fact, the two most common curricula used by dominionist groups--A Beka and Bob Jones University--are now specifically considered unacceptable in their science education--which pretty much knocks out *all* dominionist educational programs. (As I have reported previously on Dark Christianity, these particular school curricula are less "education" and more blatant indoctrination into dominionist theology of "Avengelicals Uber Alles".)

Needless to say, the dominionists are not happy about this (as pretty much the curriculum used in dominionist schools is now officially stated as insufficient).

So far, the gallery of rogues presently screaming like murdered chickens include: click here for the rogue's gallery )

Personally, let's hope OTHER states start getting standards as rigorous as California's.

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New article details dominionist agendas with Katrina relief

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/09/AR2005090901867.html?tr=y&auid=1108137 notes how, among other things, one of the things dominionist groups are using Katrina relief efforts as a way to ramrod federal funding for dominionist groups through:

Sensing an opening, Republican leaders have also begun to lobby the White House to resume the drive for vouchers that would allow government money to be used at private and parochial schools, a battle that Republicans waged and lost during the debate over the No Child Left Behind education law of 2001. "If we make the decision that federal money will follow the child, we should make it a voucher. That's a Republican principle," said Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).

Similarly, Republican leaders are seeking a change in a law that would allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to give money directly to religious groups that are helping Katrina's survivors, an extension of the administration's long-standing goal of enlarging the role of faith-based organizations in providing social services. "The important thing is to empower and encourage anyone who is willing and able to help to administer emergency help," said Kevin Madden, spokesman for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).

Yes, they're trying to change the laws to directly funnel *your tax dollars* to groups like Operation Blessing (known for trade in blood diamonds) and Convoy of Hope (a stealth-evangelism "charity" that is the de facto "charity" wing of the AoG, a denomination that is strongly linked with the present administration and actually has support of "deliverance ministry" dominionism in its official church policy) as well as dominionist-operated schools.

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...and hopefully the Good Guys will have more victories against dominionists

(Edited to make it a bit clearer that the dominionists *lost* for once. Never ever type before coffee :3)


Apparently, town with dominionist influence--which was actually invoking Jesus before town council meeting--gets sued by Wiccan, and the Wiccan *wins* (for once).

Town has only $15,000 insurance, and may have to end up paying over $65,000 in court costs in result (the courts are still ruling on whether court costs are to be awarded).

(Of minor interest--one of the major folks supporting the dominionists is (shock, shock) an AoG preacher at a church with a not-terribly-dissimilar name to the one I walked away from (though in a completely different state). They've claimed if the courts rule for payment of court costs by the town, the church will cover it...I dare say the next step after *that* should be revocation of the church's tax exempt status. If they can shell out $65,000 for court costs to spite someone who sued for violation of the *Constitution*, I think they can afford to pay their damned taxes.)


Backgrounder )

For what it's worth, South Carolina is also a state that has been specifically targeted by dominionists for invasion with the goal of ultimate secession.

the hive of scum and villany responsible )

Some further backgrounder:


Info on the other case that could be tried with this (should this go to the Supremes, as the dominionists are threatening to):



Here's the actual court docket, for the legal minded:


Fark.com has been reporting on this and many of the links regarding information are from the discussion thread (http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=1622014). Props where props are deserved :3


Apparently, per at least one source, the Supremes refused to review the case, hence the court ruling stands (This per the Religioustolerance.org link above).

Also, not only is she *still* not being heard at town hall meetings (regarding a matter of public safety, at that), but the town is making noises about possibly defying the court ruling:

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...and for once, justice is done (even among the horrid news out of the UK)

Buried in the headlines (for obvious reasons, and my deepest sympathies and well wishes go out to those in the UK)...


Three people who are apparently part of a dominionist church (targeting African-British nationals) have been convicted of child abuse for the torture of an eight year old child in attempted exorcisms. (Among other things, they claimed she was a witch.)

Info on the specific background (which IS dominionist, in fact can be tied to dominionist churches in the US who have targeted Africa to "claim dominion over the demons in darkest Africa") is at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4596127.stm

The UK is looking into a specific taskforce in regards to religiously-motivated child abuse, including "death by exorcism", due to the increasing number of complaints of child abuse involving dominionist churches in the UK practicing "deliverance ministry" (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4607773.stm)

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4602543.stm also has more info on the kid's ordeal.

(As some backgrounder/aside:

I have posted this in part to show that dominionism/"deliverance ministry" is *not* a problem that is restricted to the US alone, but to many countries worldwide. Among other things, Australia has a specific dominionist political party that is, for all intents and purposes, a political wing of the AoG ("Family First", http://www.familyfirst.org.au/) which is increasingly the subject of controversy in Oz.

Much of the blame for the rise in African-British abuse cases is *directly* attributable to dominionist groups here in the US--the AoG, and other pentecostal denominations that support dominionism, have been targeting countries outside the US heavily, and have had the most success in Africa, South Korea and Australia (which have the least regulations, incidentially, on monitoring of churches for abuse; often in African cases, they also claim to build schools and whatnot, but teach an explicitly dominionist platform).

"Deliverance ministry" (as practiced in the US) *already* has a belief that everything outside of the church is demonic and that everything outside the church has active possession by devils; in the case of Korea and Africa, this has sort of meshed with preexisting belief in witchcraft (or, more properly, is compatible enough with existing beliefs in witchcraft).

I will note that, again in the specific case of African and Korean dominionists, they are cross-pollinating with the US "deliverance ministry" folks (cref Paul Cho, who may have been the ultimate source of the whole "Toronto"/"Brownsville"/"Third Wave" madness--and who started it in an AoG church in the fifties in Seoul, South Korea). Not that the preexisting "deliverance ministry" stuff isn't scary enough, mind...

Anyways, now dominionist thought (in regards to "deliverance ministry"--trust me, the two are related; "deliverance ministry" *is by definition* dominionism, as part of the basic theology of "deliverance ministry" claims one must "take dominion of things away from Satan") is being imported to the UK, and the UK is starting to see the same problems as the US, Canada and Oz have seen for a while regarding child abuse and dominionism.

In other words--EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THE US, DO NOT THINK DOMINIONISM IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM. More than likely, it *is*, but it's not as developed in the US. (Oz and several countries in Africa are probably closest to having a US-scale dominionist problem, by the way. In fact, in the case of at least one African country (Uganda)...they have a homegrown dominionist group called the Army of the Lord that steals kids to use them as child soldiers. :()

As another direct aside, relating to the problem of dominionism and "deliverance ministry" in the US--much of the reason that the Convention on the Rights of the Child has never been ratified by the US is *because* of pressure by dominionist parents who wish to use "all methods biblically mandated" to "discipline" their child or otherwise raise claims of "being able to raise my child as I see fit according to my own religion". This doesn't just include legally being able to beat the kid with the "chastising rods" sold in dominionist parenting mags...but also sending kids to places like Love In Action, and being legally allowed to perform involuntary exorcisms on kids.

This is something that hits personally at home to me--I was unable to escape my situation as a kid because legal authorities in the US, by and large, do not yet recognise religiously-motivated abuse or religious abuse as a form of child abuse (partly from pressure by dominionist groups). I lived in fear for most of my life as a walkaway (and in fact still do to an extent, which is why my folks generally do NOT know I am a walkaway or transsexual, nor of my own religious beliefs) of involuntary exorcisms of this sort. I'm glad to see the British are being more sensible.)

I will post a separate post on the Australian dominionist party "Family First" (really, it behooves us all to know this is NOT a US-only problem).

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