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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Breaking--official support for hategroup "Watchmen At The Walls" by Assemblies as a whole

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In regards to an ongoing followup on an article posted by Richard Bartholomew on Talk2Action (re a conference being held at which "Watchmen at the Walls" founder Alexey Ledyaev was speaking on political organising) in connection with the particular Assemblies church I am a walkaway from being linked (the church I escaped from, similarly to "Watchmen", is virulently anti-LGBT)), I have found some very disturbing info that indicates:

a) The conference in question is in fact essentially a powwow for the most hardline of the hardline re Assemblies "Joel's Army" churches;
b) Ledyaev is apparently director of media for both the conference and its parent organisation (a group called Second Billion);
c) A *very* large number of regional and national Assemblies of God leaders are directly involved in the organisation, including the national director of home missions for the Assemblies, regional directors throughout the US and the world, and a major "professor" for the Assemblies' mail-order seminary courses
d) Ledyaev isn't the only one *by far* in that org who calls for frank genocide against non-dominionists (the mail-order seminary "prof" is in fact the founder of Second Billion and insinuates the ancient Israelis weren't thorough *enough* with killing non-Israelis, and exhorts the members in a sermon to be even more thorough).

I have mirrored the article in which I have published this research widely:

Daily Kos mirror
Street Prophets mirror
Talk to Action mirror
NewsVine mirror (on Outing Dominionism community)

Please recommend and comment widely on this. Please mirror this if you can.