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SPLC's updated Hate Groups list now includes multiple dominionist orgs

Southern Poverty Law Center has now updated its hate groups list (featured in the Year in Hate issue of the Intelligence Report--and of note to this community, there are now multiple dominionist groups listed officially as hate orgs, largely for anti-LGBT and anti-non-dominionist rhetoric.

In its anti-gay section, the list is almost entirely comprised of dominionist groups--Watchmen At The Walls (a highly violent "Joel's Army"/"Joshua Generation" neopentecostal dominionist group with close links to Assemblies of God leadership including not only regional Assemblies heads as known "Watchmen" but also official VIP spokesmanship at large Assemblies evangelism conferences) and Abiding Truth Ministries (publishers of the Holocaust-revisionist "The Pink Swastika", used as anti-LGBT propoganda by "Watchmen" and other anti-LGBT dominionist orgs like American Family Association national and state affiliates in *exactly* the same manner that the forgery "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" has been used to sanction anti-Semitic hate crimes and the Holocaust) are the newest listed groups, along with Traditional Values Coalition (an old dominionist group and one of the very few 501(c)4 orgs of political dominionism), Family Research Institute (Paul Cameron's bogus "research" organisation which is the primary source of almost all anti-LGBT "statistics" used by dominionist orgs), Mass Resistance (a dominionist group fighting Massachusett's recent legalisation of same-sex marriage), and Chaldecon Foundation (an org that essentially has operated as the font of "Christian Reconstructionist" thought in almost the same manner that the "Assemblies family" of denominations has been the focus of neopente dominionist thought). I also know personally that there is ongoing investigation with other known dominionist groups--so that list may well be added to by next year.

Several dominionist groups now listed as hate groups by SPLC (in their General Hate category--essentially a catchall of largely religious extremists) include Tony Alamo Ministries (a "Bible-based cult" that engaged in what amounted to a massive dead-agenting campaign), a group calling itself the National Prayer Network (which is carried in dominionist news services, but--in what apparently is something *very* close to the dividing line between "Joel's Army" groups and Christian Identity--is also known to be highly antisemitic), Jack Chick (likely for the highly anti-Catholic and in general anti-non-fundamentalist bent of their publications), and Texe Marr's "Power of Prophecy" (Marrs has been one of the major promoters of abusive "deliverance ministry" in the dominionist community, and is likely being listed due to virulently anti-pagan and anti-anything-not-neopentecostal writings; Ken Cuhulain's "Witch Hunts" (a documentary of anti-neopagan writings by dominionists including extensive coverage of promoters of "Satanic Panic") quite extensively writes up on Marrs).

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