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May 2008
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Hamilton Co (Ohio) commissioner begins investigation of Gothard programs

Recently got it up on DailyKos (and will be distributing it to the Other Usual Sources today or tomorrow), but Hamilton, OH county commissioner Todd Portune has launched an investigation into Cincinnati, OH's "Character First!" participation in part because of revelations of Bill Gothard's promotion of "Bible-based" child abuse.

This is extremely welcome news--Cincinnati was one of the "demonstration cities" for Gothard's program, and this investigation could well lead to investigations elsewhere (including the program Mike Huckabee ran in Arkansas). The more sunlight on this sort of thing, the better.

(And FWIW, as noted, recs/tips always appreciated. If you have specific tips about possible Governmental Misdealings with Huckabee and Gothard--or any other cities or states where a "Cities of Character" or "Character First!" program has been put into place--feel free to post it here or (if you don't want to post in public) I will accept tips at dogemperor(dot)dkos(at)gmail(dot)com.)

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