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May 2008
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wyldraven [userpic]
More on the Huckabee threat to our freedom

BREAKING: Mike Huckabee member of Bill Gothard cult

[...] The more that comes out about Mike Huckabee, the more I get scared.

So far, he's admitted he's part of the "Left Behind" fandom crowd, he's gotten endorsements and help from hate groups (like a pastor linked with "Watchmen On The Walls" who also wants to kick all non-dominionists out of the country), released rapist-killers from prison, wants to change the constitution to make the US a de jure theocracy, snd rather explicitly has invoked "God's Army" in his speeches.

As bad as that gets, though, it's worse than I feared. It seems that Mike Huckabee is not only a good friend of neopente cult leader and "Bible-based baby beating" and Joel's Army-with-guns advocate Bill Gothard...but he's also a member of his Bible-based cult.

And folks...that has some very scary implications in regards to that whole "Christian Nation" thing. [...]
Salon: Holy Constitution!
[...] Behind the happy, healthy, guitar-strumming campaign style that has so besotted the national press corps, Mike Huckabee looks like something considerably less charming -- a zealous proponent of the "biblical" reformation of every aspect of American society.

If that sounds too extreme and aggressive to describe the smiling Huck -- who introduced himself to the country as "a conservative, but I'm not angry about it" -- then consider how he explained his urge to revamp the nation's founding document. At a public forum on the eve of the Michigan primary, while mocking Republican opponents who don't want to append a "marriage amendment" or a "life amendment" to the Constitution, he said: "I believe it's a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God, and that's what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards."

That outburst appalled many Republicans, who heard those words as an assault on traditional conservative and libertarian values. The next day on National Review Online, Republican speechwriter and strategist Lisa Schiffren complained: "Mike Huckabee is going to force those of us who have wanted more religion in the town square to reexamine the merits of strict separation of church and state. He is the best advertisement ever for the ACLU." [...]
You should all read both articles. And if you aren't seeing Nehemiah Scudder when you are done, maybe you need to read Revolt in 2100 (buy it here, or find it in the library).

And to those who will say, "So what, the President doesn't have the power to change the Constitution", I suggest you research the The Yoo position on the "Unitary Executive", and also martial law.

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Hopefully the country as a whole will be sick of these shenanigans as of next November if not sooner. I am waiting for the day when the non-fundie christians wake up and realize that they were being used by the religious reich in political campaigns.

If Huckabee wins, we have plans to leave the country.