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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
In re the LJ Buyout, and what this means to Dark Christianity.

In regards to the recent buyout of Livejournal by SUP Inc. (which is apparently a company owned by friends of present Russian President Vladimir Putin), and also in regards to concerns that multiple people on my LJ friends' list have raised in regards to this recent buyout:

a) In the specific case of Dark Christianity I don't expect any major changes in how we do business here. The major areas where we *have* discussed Russia and the former USSR have been in regards to Orthodox Christianity's version of the ultramontaine movement and--more directly--in regards to neopente dominionist groups that have been invading Russia and other ex-USSR countries. (Of particular note, we've discussed "Watchmen On The Walls"; its leader is a Latvian-Russian national who is prohibited from entering Russia itself under its laws against hate crimes, but who has accomplices within Russia and who has actively fomented hate crimes against LGBT people in the US, Latvia, and Ukraine.)

Unless Russia goes dominionist, it's unlikely they'll crack down on this group--but it is understandable why people would be worried, what with an increasingly poor press freedom record within the USSR.

b) If things go bad, we *do* have backup plans in place, and we have for quite some time (since the Warriors for Innocence debacle back in May of last year, in fact). Not only do we maintain regular backups of posts here on Dark Christianity (including comments), we also have backup communities set up ready to "go live" in case anything bad happens.

Users of InsaneJournal--which is becoming a very popular alternative to Livejournal, especially for people who are concerned about SUP's buyout of LJ--will want to know that a Dark Christianity RSS feed exists for the LJ community on InsaneJournal; I am also (as we speak) mirroring all Dark Christianity posts over to the InsaneJournal Dark Christianity community as an additional protective measure in the event that this community leaves Livejournal.

There are also other community options that can be put in force if need be, including Wordpress-style communities if necessary. We are not letting the community go away.