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A request for help from the community re AFA-KY robocalls

Upon further review of the "Fake Fairness Coalition" calls (there are several recordings out there), I am thinking the voice does sound a lot like that of Frank Simon (based on previous Freedom's Heritage Forum robocalls).

However, I just want to make sure I'm not on crack. Hence, I am requesting your assistance. (If any of you known people into voice analysis, please also point them this way.)

Here is the latest post on Pam's House Blend (there will shortly be a mirror post on DailyKos, as soon as it allows me to post, that is) regarding the matter from me--it includes links to speeches from Simon as well as the robocall in question.

This is necessary as we may have found definitive evidence linking Simon firmly to the robocalling, and I really want to nail these bastards to the wall if we can get good, solid proof.

Recommends and comments appreciated.

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