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dogemperor [userpic]
AFA-KY may be engaging in illegal tricks

Sorry late-ish on this, folks, but wanted to get my ducks in a row here...

Anyways, there is evidence to suggest that AFA-KY and Freedom's Heritage Forum--groups run by notorious dominionist hatemonger Frank Simon--may be robocalling in attempts to dead-agent both the Kentucky Fairness Coalition and Democratic candidate Steve Beshear.

This is something that hits very, very close to home for me--Simon happens to be a deacon of the very church I walked away from, among other things, and (partly from having grown up in his church) I've seen the rather nasty history of this sort of stuff that has been promoted (including, of note, frank promotion of Holocaust revisionism such as "The Pink Swastika"--these people are essentially a slightly less outspoken version of Watchmen On The Walls and in particular their American front)...stuff that is finally starting to get the attention of the SPLC.

If any readers in KY have received these robocalls and have not received other telephone calls since, you *should* be able to hit *57 to trace (they have hidden caller ID records and complaints are already being filed with the KY electoral commission, so this should hopefully give them some info to work with--they at least can't forge ANI records).

Also, those of you on DailyKos, please recommend the first link above so that this info gets out, and feel free to post links to others. (The local media has not reported on this so much, though a few national outlets are starting to.)