Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
And Now For A Word From Your Mods ...

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]berkeleyfarm)

Hello [info]dark_christian readers!

Our membership is continuing to grow. If you are new here, welcome! Please take a few moments to reread our community info page. If you've been here for a while, we recommend re-reading it anyway, as [info]sunfell has made significant edits recently.

Please also feel free to introduce yourself on our introduction thread, and read the posts from other community members.

During the Great LJ Strikethrough of May 2007, this community acquired a wide reputation for having Sharp Minds and Cool Heads through the Mad Research Skillz of [info]dogemperor and others. We on the mod team are committed to maintaining a community that is a well-regarded discussion and information resource for those concerned about Dominionist Christianity, for people of all faiths and none. We have a list of resources in the links on the main page, and sponsor the Dark Christianity wiki – all constructive suggestions for those are welcomed.

We make an effort to keep our community tags updated, so by all means check them out if you're here with a question. Please also remember to check recent entries to avoid duplication.

The mod team has deleted a number of seriously off-topic posts recently, so we figured it was time for a “reminder post”. Please read the guidelines on the community info page for suggestions on what to, and what not to post, and if you have questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to contact one or more of us.

Dark Christianity is a community to discuss Dominionist Christianity in a serious and intelligent way. Dominionist Christianity is not the same as “fundamentalist” or “conservative” Christianity, although in the US there is a lot of overlap, so be careful. It is NOT a community for:

* Bashing or heavy snarking

* Working out your issues with Christianity/organized religion in general

* Proselytization (for any religious world-view, including “all religion sucks”)

* General (i.e., non-Dominionist) religious discussion or ramblings - this is generally ok as a sidebar to an on-topic post

There are a lot of other places in LiveJournal (including your own personal journal) to do these things. This community is large and very active with on-topic posts; the volume would become quite unbearable if it veered significantly off-topic, so we remind you, out of consideration for everyone else, to endeavor to keep at least Broadly On Topic. Please explain what the connection is with what you're posting and Dominionist Christianity include excerpts, sources, and summaries (especially with non-obvious links). If you're trying to work out if something is a Dominionist front, show us what you've got.

Please do not use phrases such as "die in a fire" or other phrases that, if taken literally, threaten violence or bodily harm on someone. The mods don't like this sort of thing at all.

The rest of it pretty much boils down to "play nice" - don't assume the worst about what someone else writes, ask politely for clarification if you need it, use LJ-Cuts to preserve hundreds of F-lists, don't give in to the temptation of responding to someone who seems to be deliberately provocative in kind (please contact a mod), and if you're really upset, consider not posting or commenting until you can calm down or gather more info.

The practice of Sitting On One's Hands when things get crazy is a great way to learn perspective, and is closely related to the Art of Not Hitting "Send" when you're upset. There are lots of smart, cool people here. Remember that, and treat each other kindly. We're on the same team.