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Christian organized gangs in kenya

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]lilbrattyteen) Not sure if this is relevant to the geographical scope of the community, but thought it was interesting so here goes.   If I've violated a rule then feel free to delete, I'm not sure on all the rules since this is my first post here

Finished listening to an interesting podcast about gangs in Kenya.  As some of you know, the Mungiki is one of the worst gangs there, according to this.  But go partway down the page and something more interesting turns up:

Ndura Waruinge is a founding father of the Mungiki who says he has since left the organization and started his own Christian evangelical church, though he says he still benefits from the fear the group inspires.

"Due to the demonization of this organization, wherever I go … I wish I could walk with you on the street ... People respect me because they fear me. So whatever they are doing now works for me completely. And I say that's God," he boasts.

According to Waruinge, the current cycle of violence is, in part, a result of the Mungiki leadership getting greedy. He says they're killing each other.

But Waruinge has ambitions to create a more fearsome organization, and says Jesus is the way.

"Jesus worked in myth. He creates 5,000 breads, 5,000 fish. Does that not create fear in you to fear that person?" Waruinge says. "This is how God works. God does not know democracy. You're either for me or you'll die."

He says Christian evangelism will help him create a national Mungiki organization that crosses all the ethnic lines of Kenya.

Of course, Waruinge also has political aspirations.   He's also been in court with criminal convictions.  Scary.