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May 2008
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A general in God's patriotic army

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]catvincent)

Via Avedon Carol, a short portrait of one of the Dominion's little helpers - 'shock jock for Armageddon' and author Mike Evans:

' Evans' latest offering - 200 pages of text and 100 of assorted appendices - is relatively uncomplicated: Iran is the biggest threat to the United States and to peace in the Middle East, and it should be confronted militarily no later than the end of George W Bush's presidency. Under no circumstances should US troops be withdrawn from Iraq before the mission is accomplished - the mission being the disarming of Iran.

The US public has been dumbed down by the secular left and the liberal media. And God has been removed from the public square in the US, resulting in Christians being systematically "stripped" of their rights.

His prose is pugnacious, a style you might expect from a writer who claims that he is giving the US its "final wake-up call". In the book, and in its promotional materials, such terms as "appeasement", "secular humanist God-haters" and "pro-Islamic radical sympathizers" are tossed around as easily as if he were playing catch in the back yard...

Evans in essence agrees with the core group of neo-conservatives in the administration who were the architects of the war in Iraq and have more recently been advocating a robust response to Iran. He parts company with them, however, in that his analysis appears to be strictly based on his reading of the Bible and what he calls the relentless attack on Christians in the United States. '

This is what we face. This is how they think, what they want.

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