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Malware, Dominionists and Money

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]belleweather)

I was unaware of this issue, but it appears that the sort of malware that people are encountering at the "Warriors for Innocence" site can be used as a way for websites to generate revenue. [info]ziz has a great post about the issue which talks about how websites can use being the vector for infections as a sort of 'affiliate' deal to raise a ton of money -- especially after starting a huge contraversy and being linked to from slashdot, CNet and BoingBoing.

I have very strong feelings about doing anything that makes money for Dominionist groups and those tied for them, and I know other people in this community probably do as well. If you feel that way, it's even more important to use firefox, a strong firewall and to immediately remove any nasties from your machine with a good anti-spyware program or two.

Just FYI.

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