Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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Moderator Note


Hello, everyone. I have noted that we've suddenly gained nearly 100 newcomers over the last evening. I want to welcome you, and ask you to read and heed our Guidelines on our front page. By joining this community, you have agreed to follow them. The moderator team is watchful- we want you to have a good visit.

That said, I want to welcome you here, and hope that you find interesting and enlightening things to learn. This is not a bash or a snark site, but it is critical of Christian extremists. If you're the sort that is sensitive to shining light into the dark corners of your faith, you might not be comfy here. However, if you have some 'how come' questions about your faith and some of its practices that keep being brushed off, we might be able to help you. We have tons of tags and links to explore, and a Wiki for you to join and use, too. There are people of many beliefs here, so be respectful of them.

Read deep, play nice, have a good visit. And, if you would, please introduce yourselves!

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