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May 2008
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Is this image offensive?


In the interest of fairness, and to assuage my curiosity, I have a question for the community.

Is this image offensive? It's on the community userinfo page, so it is possible to have missed it. It's been there since nearly Day One.

To my eyes, Jesus doesn't look too happy to be holding that weapon, even though it is obviously a toy, as indicated by the red tip on the barrel. Such a marking is a federally mandated indicator to make sure that law enforcement officers do not mistake it for a genuine weapon. He seems to be saying, "Here- this is your weapon, not mine. I am a man of peace." The picture was meant to illustrate the large break between Christ's teachings and what some of his more militant believers want him to represent.

It's a subtle message, but it's there for those who have the eyes to see it and understand the irony.

Your interpretation of the picture might be different, which is what art is all about. However, if it truly is offensive, I'll take it down.

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