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May 2008
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Tagging up the entries on dark_christian

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]einatlanta)

Hello, my name is [info]einatlanta, and I'm a librarian. As a result, I have to catalog and organise things. I just can't help it.

Currently as a mod over here I've decided to make it my goal to go back through the [info]dark_christian archives and tag up all the entries. Tags are the little words you see at the bottom of each submission around here. If you click on one of the tags, a page showing all articles tagged with that word will appear. Tagging articles helps everyone searching for information on a specific topic find what they need more quickly.

I plan to tag around six past entries a day until all the old submissions are tagged up for cross-referecing goodness! Anyone who is a mod welcome to help me with the backlog.

Even if you're not a mod, you can help too! Here are some tips for tagging your posts on [info]dark_christian as they are made.

*Try to use tags that already exist in our catalog. The easiest way to do this is *after* you publish up your post, hit the "edit tags" button. On the edit screen a scroll box with all existing tags for this blog will appear. Select as many existing tags as you think you need. This prevents things from getting too subdivided; for instance, we use the tag "military" for all posts about evangelical activities in the USAF and Army here. If you start tagging them seperately, those researching will have to work harder to get the big picture of wider movement in our armed forces.

*Use last names only when tagging a specific person. Not every person mentioned on this blog needs to be indexed, but if you feel that someone is important enough, use their last name only when tagging. For instance, Jerry Falwell is tagged as Fallwell, Ted Haggard as Haggard. This will build pages around specific active individuals.

*Keep it simple. You will rarely need more than three tags for any entry. Most articles can be categorized with one or two tags. Yes, tagging is fun, but don't get over excited.

Tagging new articles as we go along will cut down on the backlog of posts to tag. Having the entries in this community better organized will help newcomers determine if something has been posted before, and what this comm is all about. All help is welcome!