Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Interesting articles found (whilst pointing out Dominionism and possible greenwashing):


Very interesting article in regards to how the dominionists are explicitly using homeschooling to indoctrinate kids. (As an aside, something else interesting in the article--apparently the *exact same person* who is credited with many of the tenets of "Christian Reconstructionism" (the bits regarding taking over the government) is also the major party behind the push for dominionist parents to homeschool.)

One of the things mentioned in the article is how *secular* homeschoolers (folks whom may decide to homeschool because, for example, their kids have special needs or their school system is bad educationally) are having trouble in regards to support groups because many (if not most) of the homeschool support organisations are run by dominionists and are increasingly unfriendly to non-dominionist homeschoolers. It also talks about how secular homeschoolers are having increasing problems because they are being lumped in with the dominionists...

Another interesting aspect is that much of the info references things as far back as the 80's and the various links between dominionist groups operating today (to give you an idea of how far back the web has gone, and how it's been woven; for example, the LaHayes ("Left Behind" and a whole lot of other dominionist nonsense) were actually kicked out of Jack Kemp's presidential campaign for antisemitic remarks...)


Info on one of the major bankrollers of dominionist causes.

Includes info on the Coalition for National Policy, which (for at least the past fifteen or so years) has been the major think-tank of Religious Right policy and is in itself practically a who's who of dominionism; a separate link to info on the CNP is at http://watch.pair.com/cnp.html (a worthy successor to IFAS's lost, lamented pages on the CNP) and a list of present and past members is at http://watch.pair.com/cnpdbase.html for those interested. As an aside, the list has included not only major dominionist figures but also major politicians, some Democrats but also major planners for the GOP. (Article makes references to CNP meeting during the GOP national convention in 2004)

For those who are interested on what was on the IFAS's pages re the CNP, here's a mirror: http://www.buildingequality.us/ifas/cnp/index.html