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May 2008
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Backlash against the changing wind

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]berkeleyfarm)

As has been noted in comments on [info]nebris's recent post here, the idea that the Christian Right is whupped is wishful thinking. Wallis *is* being a bit optimistic, even though "the wind is changing" (if you've heard him speak or read "God's Politics", he urges us to "change the wind" in the direction of compassion). Recent history should show that the backchannel organizations are pretty strong, and will also not be bothered by the truth in their efforts to get their own way.

As one example, here is one effort by one of the "patriot pastor" dominionist wingnuts. As a Christian I don't have an objection to the "no king but King Jesus" part per se, but the idea of conflating church and state doesn't follow on from this.

I wish these folks wouldn't cherry-pick US history, much like they cherry-pick the Bible, to support their heresies. What is Caesar is not of God. Jesus did not come on earth to establish a political kingdom, which surprised folks at the time because that's what they were expecting out of a Messiah. And the Baptist/AoG/"independent Bible church" wingnuts who call on the name of the Founding Fathers' original intent in their desire to establish a state religion would have been fined or thrown in the stocks in the Virginia colony pre-independence ... the state religion there was Anglican and Anabaptists weren't well recieved. Not only was the religion clause of the First Amendment a way to keep all the different competing religious interests in the Original 13 happy, Jefferson had seen the results and didn't like them.

If y'all need some humor after this, and haven't seen the "Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual" folk song video, Charlotte Bob says check it out.

Tip of the hat to Shakesville for both of these.

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