Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Creeping Theocracy


Official prayers in schools or at school events.
Ten commandments in courthouses and other government offices.
Handouts of (Christianist) religious literature in schools.
School field trips to religious revivals.
"Intelligent Design" in science classes.
Science and history texts being reviewed by thinly disguised religious bodies.
"Abstinence Only" as the standard for sex education.
Antiabortion terrorists being lauded and barely pursued.
"BattleCry" and other teen recruiting methods built around base emotion and violent imagery.
Pharmacists getting away with not doing their jobs because of "religious objections."
"Defense" of marriage initiatives and amendments, designed to deny rights to gays.
Gay bashing, discrimination and family rejection.
"Culture Wars" - waged by Christianists and their god warriors on the rest of us.
Police, teachers and fire department people judged to not meet "morals" standards, even if their activities are lawful.
Politicians derided as "not Christian enough".
Politicians who must parade their faith in order to get elected.
Churches and corporations teaming up to lobby.
Christianist wedge issue license plates, but no Jewish or Pagan ones.
Increasing emphasis in the corporate media on females who have lots of kids, and the whole "family friendly society" thing.
The constant crap about woman == mother even in the online world.
"Decency" laws and rules in the damnedest places.
Omnipresent Christian "witness" and Christianism in the military.
High ranking Generals making Christianist statements.
Series of books like "Left Behind".
Games where you have to convert or shoot the unbelievers - targeted at kids.
Eliminationist political blowhards and hypocrites like Coulter and Limbaugh getting serious discussions of what are essentially vicious crackpot ideas.
Bible quoting US Attorneys.
Companies that kowtow to Christianist groups like AFA.
Companies that have religious type hiring criteria.

I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten.

The point is, the military-industrial-religious complex wants to rule our nation. Are you going to sit back and let them??

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