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Planning for the Rapture


This blog has been helpful in both toning down my Dominionist paranoia and (rightfully) inciting it. Kudos. I'm a philosophical type guy... and I hope everyone will suffer me a philosophical leaning question.

I've seen the affects of dominionist influence in school policy, monetary policy, foreign policy, and environmental policy. One area in that I've not seen an affect is in emergency planning. Here is my take. The Rapture is a center piece of dominionist thinking. The rapture will cause havoc in areas of public safety, transportation, property law, inheritance, and so on. Personally, I've not seen a any movement in these areas in regards to the much embraced event. What gives? I have several theories:

1) The public masses aren't ready for this to be part of their reality. Dominionist supporters would open themselves to ridicule if the subject is broached. Foreign policy is fine, but don't tell the emergency responders about planes crashing from the skies with no pilots.
2) The dominionist policy makers and their constituents will be gone anyway, and the aftermath is not their business at that point.

Insights anybody? I am seriously wondering if the emergency response portion of public policy has been actually passed over while the "dominionist agenda" has touched so much else.

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