Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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Now I have seen everything....


One of my fellow temple members showed me a website that took me a little aback. Most everywhere you h ear about Christianity's railing against porn. However, now, in typical "if you can't beat 'em, join em'" fashion, there are actually sites that extol the 'virtues' of Christian pornography.

Far from being diametrically opposed to the standard fare found in most erotic literature and film, they have set down not only the ground rules, but have cited Biblical principles in order to make it all o.k. Subjects such "BDSM and God's Will", "Oral Sex and God's Will", etc. are just some of the topics that will find on this website.

I wonder if more Dominionists knew about sites such as this, and how it is really ok for them to have healthy sex lives, and watch porn (if done in the proper context, of course) if we wouldn't have fewer scandals in the media. ;-)

Probably not something you want your boss or IT department to see you reading about at work.

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