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Andrea Smith: Indiginous Feminism without Apology

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Indiginous Feminism without Apology

Not solely focused on the rise of Dominionism in North America, but it does an excellent job showing the link between sexism, racism, heteronormativity and colonialism, all of which are not only part, I believe, but central to Dominionism and related sects of Christianity.  So I think it's salient.

As Ann Burlein argues in Lift High the Cross, it may be a mistake to argue that the goal of Christian Right politics is to create a theocracy in the US. Rather, Christian Right politics work through the private family (which is coded as white, patriarchal, and middle-class) to create a “Christian America.” She notes that the investment in the private family makes it difficult for people to invest in more public forms of social connection.

For example, more investment in the suburban private family means less funding for urban areas and Native reservations. The resulting social decay is then construed to be caused by deviance from the Christian family ideal rather than political and economic forces. As former head of the Christian Coalition Ralph Reed states: “The only true solution to crime is to restore the family,” and “Family break-up causes poverty.”