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Like Oil and Water Politics and Religion in the news again

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89) After reading the article here  I'm completely pissed off that  Senator Barack Obama would even go to the mega-church of Saddleback Community Church.   The church in the past has missonary groups go to Africa and spread "the word of Christ" and tell  those who had AIDS, they  got it do to their failure to worship Jesus/God.  

While I do believe the Senator is a good person overall and his mission to improve AIDS awareness is a very laudable goal its the fact he went to the door of the enemy with the idea of changing their little pea-brains about AIDS. 

I think it was inapproprate for him to even go to a chruch, the whole point is seperation of church and state, not have the politicians in the pulpit to begin with. It was bad enough when Pat Robertson tried to run and now here we are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I remember awhile back  (2002-03) when Warren was attending a Christian/Fundy Summitt in D.C. and  Pat Robertson or one of his asshat associates said that AIDS in Africa was none of our concern. Instead  we should cut their help funding and spend it on more practical things like the Ten Commandments in the classroom. I remember that Warren agreed with that opinion during interview on national TV. 

Its make me concerned that either the Senator is trying to sway the enemy to be more compassionate or that the enemy is slowly corrupting him. 

While it was a nice bit about all those Fundies fuming at his appearance at the event and even boycotting it. I find that once again its the most rabid, hardcore wackjobs speaking from their buttocks to make another pointless opinion heard about  fetus rights that they stop caring about after the baby is born and "gay" marriage is bad.

Hopefully by showing compassion the Senator will change the fundies minds to be more tolerant; but even so I think he may have maligned his voting base by even going there. 

On the other hand; Rev. Rob Schenck, who heads the National Clergy Council; proves just how big of an asshat fundy he can be by all those statement he made on the first and second pages of the story. It amazes me that he only opens his mouth to change feet and its amazing that he can't fit both of them in there at the same time. 

One last thought is why is Warren suddenly concerned with AIDS? 

I'm guessing a family member or close friend must have it or HIV as that was the only way I'd ever see that jerk be compassionate towards AIDS victims (yes, he one of those whole can give false compassion out by the bucket loads).

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