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May 2008
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One Dominionist down, many more to go...

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]helenangel)

At least we can all rest easy at night knowing that rabid Dominionist "Crazy Kathy" Harris has little chance of winning Bill Nelson's seat in the Senate. (Needless to say, I voted for Nelson.)

Best. Quote. Ever.
Rollins said Harris, who has compared herself to the biblical Esther, once told him that God wanted her to become a senator. ''Maybe God wants you to run because he wants Bill Nelson to be senator,'' Rollins said he told her.

(Ed Rollins was a former Reagan White House strategist who defected from Harris' campaign.)

I'm also pleased to see that another Dominionist, Santorum, is quite behind Casey Jr. in the polls.

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