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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
The biggest problem with that slave memorial

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]blueboy2000)

As I mentioned before, I find myself in an odd position--a black man who opposes a memorial to slaves near the Lincoln Memorial. Actually, it's not the memorial itself I oppose. It's the guys behind it--Morning Star International.

To summarize, I cannot in good conscience support my tax dollars lining the pockets of a cult--especially one that seems to condone character assasination of the worst type. But there's another reason--these guys are, to put it charitably, dreadful money managers.

Brett Fuller, pastor of Metro MorningStar Church in DC, is the driving force behind this bill. Fuller also spearheads the Youth Life Foundation, founded by Redskins legend Darrell Green. It's one of the crown jewels of Shrub's faith-based initiatives drive. According to Jim Myers, a writer in the DC area, the foundation has a $1.3 million budget and has received $3.1 million in federal grants since 2001. However, it has only one center anywhere near DC--and it serves only 38 kids. And many other learning centers serve more kids for far less money.

Read Myers' article--and think about it. This slave memorial is going to cost several million dollars. But if these guys are pissing away $3.1 million, you think they can handle several million more? I doubt it.