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May 2008
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James Leininger

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]jehovahsfitness)

At the grocery store today, I was seeking out milk that didn't contain rGBH (I recently watched The Corporation). The kind I found was Promised Land Dairy brand. Now, the name didn't give me any red flags. There's a lot of brands that use religious wording that don't particularly have religious motivations in mind and many without such names that do. However, when I got home I noticed a Bible verse on the label, so I decided to do some sleuthing.

Turns out Promised Land is owned by a Texan businessman by the name of James R. Leininger. From 1987-1997 Leininger spent more than 4.6 million dollars to influence elections and on political issues like tort reform and vouchers. According to the Dallas Star-Telegram this primary season alone he has donated over $550,000 to various state-level Republican candidates. Five candidates he's backing all have "nearly identical" fliers. Interestingly, Leininger also owns a direct mailing business, Focus Direct. Leininger has funded Focus on the Family, the AFA and the Family Research Council and has founded several PACs and a think tank based on the Heritage Foundation's model.

Not to be confused with another James Leininger, a supposedly reincarnated WWII pilot.

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