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From The Happy feminist site;

"Feminism has gripped our culture. Here is some historical perspective. In the nineteenth century, the Queen of England said that feminism was a 'mad wicked folly of women’s rights… feminists ought to get a good whipping..' There are not a hundred pastors alive today who would read anything like this out loud. We live in a time in history where we are out of sync with historic understandings of manhood, womanhood."

Doug Phillips, the head of an organization called Vision Forum Ministries, uttered these words last weekend on the occasion of Vision Forum's 2006 Father Daughter retreat in Pine Mountain, Georgia. This event drew more than 500 people at a cost of $595.00 for each father/daughter pair and $185 for each additional daughter. Daughters ranged in age from as young as 5 to women in their 20s.

Read the scary stuff that follows on the site.


Then check out Doug Phillips' journal here for his views on 'manliness' as well as other issues.


The entry about the father-daughter retreat is about halway down under 'It's a Great Day for a Picnic'.

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