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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]redst8hairatick)

Greetings! I've been reading DC for months- I guess it's about time I posted...

I've been wondering what has happened with H.R #1070 and its companion bill in the Senate- you know the one- "Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL) has introduced the Constitution Restoration Act of 2005, which amends the federal judicial code to prohibit the U.S. Supreme Court and the federal district courts from exercising jurisdiction over any matter in which relief is sought against an entity of federal, state, or local government or an officer or agent of such government concerning that entity's, officer's, or agent's acknowledgment of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government."
I found the most up-to-date information on http://www.cwfpac.com/index.htm. You can view the supporters of this monstrosity and email them directly, thanks to the Campaign for Working Families;) Though the percentage of supporters is rather small (45), it is still appalling that it has been introduced at all. If there is other news out there about this, please fill me in!

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