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May 2008
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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]jehovahsfitness)

I've been perusing David Limbaugh's website and uncovered a bunch of links to the kinds of organizations that we should be paying attention to. Since Limbaugh is a lawyer, there are quite a few legal organizations among them. Most were obvious in their Domionist sentiments, but some just appear to be benign Christian organizations. It's hard to tell, because "religious liberty" has been used by the Christian Right, including Limbaugh, to mean Christian supremacy. The first organizations I've been unable to pin down is The Rutherford Institute which is pro-life in that it opposes abortion, but interestingly also in that it opposes the death penalty. There's also a lot about the erosion of civil liberties on their website. It looks like they're pretty independant and probably not related to Dominionism. The other is The Christian Legal Society. Their 'core purpose' is "Transforming the legal profession for good one heart and mind at a time by enlisting lawyers and law students everywhere to faithfully serve Jesus Christ in the diligent study and ethical practice of law by ministering to the poor, reconciling people in conflict, defending life and protecting the religious liberties of all people." From what I can see the organization itself is pretty neutral; it doesn't seem to hold any position on any of the issues that we and Dominionists are concerned with.

If you're wondering what a blatantly Dominionist legal organization looks like, see here

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