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I've been working...


I'm still finding things to add to the Illinois section of "Bad Laws" on the Wiki, and I came across one that made me think. The religious type of jobs would like to be excluded from having to hire someone that doesn't follow their faith or belief systems - there's a bill pending that would make that so in Illinois.

I don't have a problem with that, really. If, say, a Baptist church doesn't want to hire a secretary that's a Pagan - I don't mind. (I also don't know how many Pagans want to work for a Baptist church, but that's beside the point.)

But I think there ought to be some equinamity to that. If you are applying for a public service position and your religion makes it impossible for you to perform that position as required in the job description, then you should not be hired for that job. Kinda like a conscientious objector in the Army. Or thought of in another way, if you're religion means you are anti-abortion, you can't become a pharmacist, because your religion is going to interfere with the full and complete performance of your job.

This would, of course, have the hypocritical fundies screaming "DISCRIMINATION"!!!"

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