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Roll for Initiative!


I had to share this with you guys. It's some hilariously cracked-out article that sounds like a bad D&D plotline dreamed up by a youth leader who is trying desperately to integrate himself with those "outsider" kids so he can save them from the evils of 20-sided dice. Yes kids, it's like an RPG, and the evil villain in this plotline is none other than one of the Seven Deadlies, LUST!

Seriously, check this shit out: The Belt of Truth, The Breastplate of Righteousness, The Gospel of Peace (Your Combat Boots), The Shield of Faith, The Helmet of Salvation, and The Sword of the Spirit. It's an equipment list as conceived by Ned Flanders himself. (Although I have to admit that The Sword of the Spirit sounds pretty damn cool. Is that a paladin-exclusive weapon, or can necromancers use it too?) I'm also curious about the Armor Class and THAC0 that these things give you. And how heavy is this shit? I mean, I'm sure that a dwarf or half-orc could handle all this gear without a problem, but I'm kind of partial to playing half-elves. Do they make mithril versions of these items, or can they only be worn by races that don't get much tail anyway? And what about magical properties? I mean, they're obviously imbued with some sort of supernatural powers, but do these increase as you level up? Are there any spells that can counter the effects? If you're playing a cleric, can you disarm someone who's using The Sword of the Spirit with a prayer spell? If a dark mage happens across this armor/weapon set, can he use them (and/or corrupt them with dark magic), or will he be harmed by using it? Are dark mages more or less suseptible to the effects?

Ok, I should stop now. I really should. (x-posted to [info]kiji_kat)

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