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dogemperor [userpic]
Creationism Group To Go Door To Door In Dover


DOVER, Pa. -- A Philadelphia-based group that promotes creationism is planning to go door to door in Dover, York County on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Michael Marcavage, the director of the conservative organization Repent America, said his group is visiting Dover because they "want to be where the enemy is diligently attacking."

Last election, Dover voters elected a school board that is against the teaching of intelligent design in biology class.

Intelligent design states that the universe is so complex it must have been designed.


Well this is interesting. I wonder how many people in Dover are going to keep the deadbolts locked when these people come by. I'd say it is rather intrusive. Though knowing people who'd do this, I shouldn't be so surprised. Privacy means nothing in Dominionism and fundamentalism.

[EDIT: I just found another article in the York Dispatch with more information here: Article Link and more information on this group in their website here.]

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