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May 2008
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Dominionist Infiltration of the US Military


The most recent Yurica Report talks about the systematic and deliberate Dominionist takeover of the US military. (Dominionists are extreme hard-right, hard core Christian fundementalists that make the Taliban look like a bunch of sissies.)

This long and very detailed article first discusses the Dominionist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention, and how it was accomplished, then goes on with this chilling statement:

The Manifesto of the Dominionist Movement

But are there any other institutions that are either under siege or targets of takeovers by the hard right?

According to the plan proposed by Paul Weyrich, the founder of the Free Congress Foundation, to secure the success of the hard right’s control and domination of the American culture, the subversives must “develop a network of parallel cultural institutions existing side-by-side” with the cultural institutions of America.[16] Eric Heubeck, the author of Mr. Weyrich’s manual wrote: “Our movement will be entirely destructive, and entirely constructive. We will not try to reform the existing institutions. We only intend to weaken them, and eventually destroy them. We will endeavor to knock our opponents off-balance and unsettle them at every opportunity. All of our constructive energies will be dedicated to the creation of our own institutions…” [17]

The political movement has been called by many names, but none is so descriptive as “Dominionism,” the political drive cloaked with religious terms, to dominate and control American institutions, the American government, and the American culture by “Christians” of the hard right. This article will reveal how the military, as an institution, is being infiltrated with an eye at control by the dominionists. If the idea of a coup seems too absurd to some, let us not forget that it’s been thought about and written about by at least one military man in a brilliant story published in the military journal Parameters, Winter 1992-1993. Lt. Col. Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. wrote “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012.”[18]

Folks, this shit is going down right under our noses. Like black mold, these people are creeping in and leaching the light out of everything they touch. They were already hard at it when I was active duty. I had several 'sky pilot' commanders and first sergeants who were extremely biased and only granted favors, promotions, good ratings, etc. to their own little clique of True Believers who would piously assemble every morning for their 'Lord, Lord...' prayers. People who did not comply were either conversion targets, or targeted for harassment if we did not bow our heads and bend our knees. When I chose to disregard their none-too gentle conversion tactics, and even come out as a non-Christian, I was targeted for horrific harrasment, 'spiritual warfare', and even the sabotage of my career. This was in the late 80s and early 90s.

One incident stands out: I worked in a base comm center, where AUTODIN teletype circuits were kept to flash primitive email and messages around the world. Most of this gear was 'flash override' capable, and any 'flash' traffic automatically overrode the other mundane traffic. That was, except for the bible studies ring. These people disregarded the rules, and took over circuits all the time, studying and quoting Scripture, and calling each other 'brother this' and 'brother that'. (I never saw any female members.) When I pointed this out to the comm center supervisior, he told me that they'd tried to quell the traffic, but to no avail, and that I should 'just ignore the sky pilots' (He had no love for them, either). I didn't. From time to time, I'd go to Tech Control and 'accidentally' disconnect their circuits while 'troubleshooting' stuff, or knock them offline with flash traffic. My supervisor caught on, and started 'accidentally' disconnecting the traffic himself. Eventually, they found other circuits to hog besides ours, and left ours alone.

But the takeover continued, unhampered by a few genuine Cold Warriors who pulled a plug or two:

The next chapter of this story begins with Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, the Pentagon’s senior military intelligence official. He graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a bachelor’s degree in education in 1971. That same year, he was commissioned in the U.S. Army where he rose through the ranks to Commanding General of the U.S. Army Special Forces Command (Airborne) Fort Bragg, N.C. and then in June 2003 to the present to Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon.[19]

There is no question that Lt. Gen. Boykin is a brave soldier and he is undoubtedly a personable man. But in searching through data available on the web, it appears that while the general has spent thirty three years in the military, he has had very little formal military education with the exception of a year at the Army War College in 1990-1991.[20]

Boykin became the focus of media reports when he spoke about his involvement in the war on terrorism at twenty-three Baptist and Pentecostal churches across the country, accompanied by two military aides. According to a 10-month internal investigation conducted by the defense department’s deputy inspector general for investigations and reported by the Washington Post, Boykin received reimbursement for his travel costs from one of the sponsoring church groups and failed to report that fact. He wore his uniform and gave the impression that he was representing the military. [21]

The investigation confirmed that Boykin said that the U.S. military is recruiting a spiritual army that will draw strength from a greater power to defeat its enemy.[22] In fact, he told the First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow, Okla. on June 30, 2002, “What I’m here to do today is to recruit you to be warriors of God’s kingdom.”[23]

Wait a minute! He was speaking to Christians—so he was not seeking to evangelize them to become Christians. What then was he recruiting for? If Boykin is a dominionist, then those words have a concrete meaning: He was recruiting soldiers to fight a war to set up God’s Kingdom on earth![24]

Pretty scary stuff, if you ask me, but these Dominionists believe in this absolutely! Their meat and milk is Armageddon, and the return of Christ's Kingdom to this earth, and soon! In fact, they are actively trying to accomplish this by supporting and befriending Israel, and helping them create the biblical tools which will purify the new Temple that they plan to build. Who cares if the Dome of the Rock is already there, and attempting to do so would launch a holy war of unprecedented proportions with the Muslims? And who cares if their friendship with the Jewish people is false and meant to convert them to Christianity? False friendships and bullying tactics are the tools of the Dominionists. They are right(eous), everyone else is wrong, and they will destroy the planet to prove it. Oh, and to make Jesus come back.

Is it me, or is that sort of like burning down your house in hopes of being given a better one for free? I am sure that in some parallel universe Jesus weeps when this stuff gets dug up... But that is how these people think. Recruiting 'warriors to fight a war to set up "God's Kingdom" on earth' is typical of their arrogant blind hubris.

And they're doing it right under our noses, people. I'm not making this up.

But wait- there's more:

What Do Southern Baptists Mean When They Say “Kingdom Warriors”?

Bobby Welch now has a 16 million member draft pool from which “warriors” can be drawn, enlisted, trained and sent out to fight the fight of faith. But who do they fight against? In an Agape Press article by Ed Vitagliano, titled, “In the Culture War, the Church Must Never Flee the Scene,” the enemy is described variously as the “assaults of wickedness” and “evil in this nation.”[43] But at last the truth comes out as Vitagliano writes:

“The battlefields on which Christians fight are not European hedgerows or Pacific islands, nor are they the winding, icy roads of Korea, the jungles of Vietnam, or the desert sands of Iraq. Believers battle in corporate boardrooms, in university lecture halls, before community school boards, around water coolers, in political campaigns, and over coffee at family gatherings. Those battles must never cease, nor must the church ever flee from the scenes of fiercest conflict.” [44] (Emphasis Yurica's.)

A LifeWay’s ad on the same page as Vitagliano’s article pushes itself into the piece and offers itself as a “recommended book.” It is Sean Hannity’s: Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War Over Liberalism. At last the Southern Baptist Convention has tipped its hand. They are recruiting warriors to remove all liberals from political participation!

John Kramp, the Interim Vice President of LifeWay Church Resources division, said the division attempts to “transform churches into powerful Kingdom entities” that change people and cultures.[45] (Emphasis mine.)

Ken Hemphill (the national strategist for the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Empowering Kingdom Growth” program) defined the term “Kingdom of God” to mean, “God’s rule and reign on earth—in, around and through His people.” He went further: “The Kingdom of God is about God’s right to invade our human existence with His Kingdom authority.”[46]

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines the word “kingdom” in its usual meaning as “a politically organized community, having a monarchical form of government usually headed by a king.”[47]

If the Southern Baptists intend to change American “culture” as Kramp states, by taking over and changing what is or is not taught in schools, or taking over the political institutions of this nation and the laws of this nation as a means of setting up a new “kingdom”—these are subversive goals and are not legitimate religious purposes and their tax exemption status should be voided.

It is one thing for men to humbly seek to worship God; it’s quite another thing for men to declare they are God’s representatives (or regents) on earth and therefore the rest of America must follow their edicts! This latter attitude is not freedom to worship—it is coercion! It is also the means to a national coup and it is evil and subversive to the core. Subversion under the fraudulent guise of “religious beliefs,” using the U.S. mails and communication systems, must be stopped for what it is: an unconstitutional means to destroy the United States of America by turning our nation into a theocratic dictatorship and steering the wealth of this nation into their own pockets.

If that doesn't sound like a blueprint for the 'Republic of Gilead' of "A Handmaid's Tale", I don't know what is. Shall we continue?

Force Multiplier

One important indicator of two cultures mingling together is the common language shared by both. Indeed, religious groups are using military terms that have been converted to and co-mingled with religion. One such term is “Force Multiplier.” The infiltration is both ways—there is an infiltration of the churches to adopt not only the term, but force multiplier techniques, and there is an infiltration of the military to inject religious zealotry into the missions.

The Department of Defense (DOD) officially defines “force multiplier” as:

“A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.”[48]

Note that the words “a capability,” neutrally describe something beneficial, without moral modification. It is a significant point. Since morality and ethics are absent from the definition, it leaves the implementation of the concept up to the imagination of the doer. So the definition is an open invitation to extend military actions by employing any possible means to justify the ends, which are defined as a “successful mission accomplishment.” Machiavelli could not be happier.

Now, let's add religious zealotry and madness into the mix:

A Civilian Pastor’s Use of “FAITH Force Multiplier

Dr. Billy Compton, pastor of the Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky explains his churches’ involvement in the FAITH Force Multiplier program in his article posted on the church website:

“Join a FAITH team and become FAITH Force Multipliers”

“September 11, 2001 is a day all of America will remember. Soon after this terrorist attack, the President declared war on terrorism. The US Army sent Special Forces to enter Afghanistan to confront the enemy. The goal of these Special Forces was not to defeat the enemy alone, but to train and mobilize the local army against the Taliban enemy.

“The US Special Forces were placed alongside the local freedom fighters to equip them to achieve a victory in the war on terrorism. Their goal was to multiply themselves creating a larger and more effective force to face the enemy. This strategy of increasing the forces by multiplication resulted in these soldiers being known as ‘force multipliers.’

“….Our goal is to enlist, train, and empower a great army of believers for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Our strategy is to use this enlisting, training, and equipping process called ‘FAITH’ as ‘Faith Force Multipliers.’”[59]

Force Ministries and the Chaplains

Recently I found myself searching through the “contacts page” at the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s web site.[60] To my surprise, I found links to Navy Seals and to Lt. General Richard E. Carey of Rockwall, TX and General Richard Shaefer of Nashville, TN as well as to the Adolph Coors Evangelistic Association and Tom Cole at Headquarters of the Republican Party in Oklahoma City.

In following the link to the Navy Seals I came upon one of the blackest ministries on the web—literally—it’s called, “FORCE Ministries.” Their motto: “Equipping military personnel for Christ-centered duty.” It’s a secretive paramilitary organization. One can’t print their material out easily. One can’t print out the photos. But it’s a startling website.

The black pages highlight the stealth of men moving in the night, their eyes fixed on the scopes of their rifles aimed and ready to fire, they are frozen in a photo crossing a creek, covered by the water and by a deadly silence. The viewer has no doubt these men intend to shoot to kill. Suddenly a soldier pops up on the screen, his eyes flint cold against the blackness, his rifle ready for firing. There’s the sound of shots fired: “Mission: Christ Centered Duty” flashes. Another soldier fires: “Purpose: Impart Faith in Christ” flashes. Drums beat and music plays. And then silence again.

Force Ministries takes Matthew 11:12 as their “Defining passage:” It reads in the version quoted: “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.” NIV.

The web site states, “FORCE skydiving is a ministry to the military and through the military. The FORCE Ministry skydiving team is comprised of current and former Navy SEALs whose lives have been touched through FORCE.” In other words, FORCE is composed of men from the military’s “Special Operations” branch.

The website boasts a worldwide military ministry:

“Force Ministries will send and maintain military missionaries in strategic locations throughout the world. Funded through Morning Star Partnership Development, these workers will locate near military bases and campuses throughout the world. This effort will be headed by Lt. Col. Art (Raylee) Smith, USAF (Retired).”

In addition Force states that it will “provide a discipleship environment for Christian chaplains to encourage and support their efforts in the field.” The description continued: “Military Chaplains are integral to the spiritual condition of the troops when at sea or on deployment.” We are told that “Force will provide assistance (speakers, workers) to the base chaplains for services held on military installations.” (Emphasis mine.) I immediately wondered whether there was some lack in chaplains since according to Force, the chaplains need “discipleship” and apparently need outside speakers to help them. (It’s been my observation that pastors don’t like to share their pulpits with anyone—unless of course, they are not fully qualified as pastors.)

FORCE, in an astounding inconsistency, considering the deadly power of its presentation, sums up its role this way: “Our supreme desire is to know Christ and to be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.” The FORCE home page is at: http://www.forceministries.com/

So, the blend of martial imagery into civilian churches, and the admixture of religious concepts into military culture is well underway. The article goes on to detail how the Assemblies of God, in particular, the Pentacostals, are the fastest growing demonination of Christianity in the world. Unlike mainline Christian faiths, their ministers do not require deep education for ordination. The author explains:

But if the Assemblies are in the back of the pack in the U.S., they are running ahead of the pack worldwide. Pentecostals are the fastest growing churches in the world, especially in Africa and in South America (where they now outnumber the Catholics in churches.) There is a significant reason for their success. Catholics and the Protestant mainline churches require a formal education for anyone who feels “called” to become a priest or minister.

This means that if a Catholic or mainline Protestant missionary went to a foreign country, preached the message of salvation and turned a dozen converts into zealous believers who wanted nothing more than to preach the very Gospel they had just heard—they couldn’t. They would have to get an education, a bachelor’s degree and then enter a seminary and earn a doctorate for another three years. By the time that soul traveled through seven years of academic labor—the fire would be gone; but the truth is: most of them could never afford to pay for the education in the first place.

But it’s quite different with the Pentecostals. They simply do not require an education as a prerequisite for ordination.[63] So those zealous believers I mentioned above are able to go out and build their own church and start preaching immediately as long as they meet the other denominational requirements (like knowledge of the Bible, Assemblies of God doctrines, and please don’t be divorced!).[64] That’s how Pentecostals have outrun the Catholics in South America. And that’s how they’re overrunning institutions in America.

Pentecostals are mission oriented—they want to spread the word. So it’s not surprising the Assemblies have an impressive chaplaincy program presentation at their website.[65] According to the AG spokesman, the church has fielded 475 chaplains: 35 are women and 440 are men. Of these, 237 are in the U.S. Military and 291 are serving institutions such as prisons.

I have calculated that each chaplain has a statistical “congregation” of 403.[66] Therefore the Assemblies’ 237 chaplains represent the “statistical” power to indoctrinate 95,511 military personnel as “Kingdom Warriors” who will be recruited to help set up God’s Kingdom on earth.

If we add a group like the FORCE Ministry into the equation, where worldwide “missionary” Special Forces groups are waiting to assist chaplains at U.S. military installations, we get a disturbing picture for potential trouble. In a cultural war of ideas where the actual fate of our nation hangs in the balance, we need to consider exactly what is happening in the military. As we are about to see, the issue is enormously important. I can phrase the question this way: Is the United States of America coming perilously close to establishing a state approved religion in the military that is comparable to the old Soviet Union’s state religious ministry program where rabbis and pastors had to be state certified and were required to tout the party line?

The “party line” emerging in the U.S. military is the religion of dominionism, the concept that our men and women in uniform must become “Kingdom Warriors” to restore alleged lost morality and establish a true kingdom on earth. It is nothing less than a political drive against the Constitution.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking- cut the 'chicken little' crap. These clowns aren't going to crash this great country of ours. That sort of thinking is exactly what they are counting on, dear readers. People are ignoring them, or worse- dismissing them as a bunch of arm waving fanatics. That is exactly what they want to do. Yet, our government, in clear violation of the Seperation clause, is funding this very infiltration- funding its own eventual destruction!

How the U.S. Government Pays For Religious Education

If the Assemblies of God (AG) do not require a formal education for ordination, the U.S. military does. It requires a four year degree from an accredited institution,[67] plus a master’s degree to get into the chaplaincy.[68] But something happened along the way that made the military change its program.

To understand it, we have to go back to 1999. In that year, the Army had only 98 active-duty priests, a third of its alleged requirement.[69] According to the demographics, the Army required 225 more Catholic chaplains in order to meet Catholic soldiers’ religious needs. But the Catholic Church didn’t have the priests. Some believed that it was due to the fact that from 1968 to 1974 the Catholic Church suffered a 250 percent drop in seminary enrollments, causing enormous shortages on every level.[70] “What to do?” became the question (although there are aspects of the problem that raise questions).[71]

Based on the lack of Catholic priests, Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) G. T. Gunhus, a Lutheran pastor, who had been appointed as the Army Chief of Chaplains in July of 1999, developed a program in which soldiers with prior military service could come back into the Army as Chaplains, be they Catholic priests or clergy from any other religious group.[72]

The idea, according to Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David Kenehan, a Catholic military priest and recruiting and retention specialist who worked within the Pentagon’s Office of the Army Chief of Chaplains, was to encourage the Army to “grow its own priests.”[73] The concept of the Army “growing its own priests,” should have made warning bells ring throughout the U.S. It should have raised the banner of “Separation of church and state.” It didn’t. Pentagon officials were able to assure the public that the concept was simply an innocuous method of solving a genuine problem. Eventually the Army’s “grow our own priests” program became at the very least, a way to speed up the religious educational process for candidates who desired to become military chaplains.

This is how it works: through the “Chaplain Candidate Program,” the U.S. Army Reserve pays for up to 100% of the tuition costs for the required religious seminary education, (up to $250 per credit hour with a maximum cap of $4,500 per year). That’s right; the U.S. government went into the business of providing individuals with a religious education![74] What’s more, according to the Go Army Chaplain Corp web site, “You do not need to wait until ordination to join the Army Chaplaincy. You can train to become an Army Chaplain at the same time you are training for the ministry.”[75] In fact, “some seminaries offer academic credit for your training as a Chaplain Candidate.”[76]

Since President George W. Bush became the president, Pentecostal Assembly of God chaplains are in high demand in the military. Pastor Dan Hardin, 33, was senior pastor of the Living Word Assembly of God, Baltimore. He was also a member of the Ohio National Guard. In March of 2003, he received a call from the Pentagon to become a chaplain and minister to soldiers.[77]

“When the Pentagon called, they said they needed me immediately,” Hardin said. He was invited to transfer to active duty in the Army to serve as a chaplain based at Fort Knox, Tenn. Hardin explained, “This is not an activation, rather it’s a transfer to the Army for an indefinite period. There is a three-year mandatory service. Call it a career or vocational change, if you will. I am preparing to stay for awhile, most likely until retirement.”[78]

If a candidate chose to be ordained by an Assembly of God church, he would find it easier to qualify than almost any other denomination.[79] In the end, however, “one cannot become a military chaplain without ecclesiastical endorsement.”[80] The question then becomes: Is the ecclesiastical endorsement process controlled in any way by the U.S. military?

Now follow me here: Since chaplains are appointed as the recruiting and retention specialists to work in the Pentagon, and each appointed chaplain is ordained as a minister in a particular church, one must ask whether the selection process is set up in such a way to choose only dominionist oriented candidates for certification and recruitment? That in fact, liberal clergymen are systematically excluded. For instance, if the ecclesiastical endorsing agent were a former chaplain with strong politically hard right beliefs and the Pentagon official who presides over the recruiting process were a member of the same denomination and holds the same political positions, is it more or less likely that these two agents will approve the chaplaincy of a liberal clergyman?

If you agree there would be a natural tendency for like-minded individuals to choose like-minded individuals, consider how many religious issues have been introduced in the last twenty years by the right wing dominionists, all of which, are now full fledged political issues: start with the pledge of allegiance with the words, “one nation under God”; the appropriateness of the ten commandments in the schools or prayer in the schools; a woman’s right to choose an abortion with her doctor’s advice; or the right of two people to enter into a contract of marriage even if they are of the same sex; or the affirmation of a wall between church and state. In considering this list against the backdrop of military chaplains, the founding fathers of dominionism emerge as extremely brilliant men.

The ordination and participation of Dominionist chaplains into the US military creates the next stage of decay- the corruption of the Oath of Service and its original intent into a means to advance the Dominionist agenda:

he Military Officer’s Oath

Every newly appointed officer in the U. S. military takes an oath of office. That oath states:

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” (Emphasis author's.) U.S. Code: Title 5, Section 3331.

I have emphasized two concepts in the oath: first the officer has sworn to defend the Constitution and secondly he has sworn to defend it against all enemies—including domestic enemies. The question is, what does it mean to support and defend the Constitution?

Take as an example the writings of Rick Erickson who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in 1991 and then joined the Marine Corp. He became an officer after graduating from Officer Candidate School, Basic School and Infantry School in Quantico, Virginia in 1991. Erickson left active duty in 1995 to attend law school. In 2002 he attended the Naval Justice School and received certification by the Judge Advocate General to practice military law. In 2003, Erickson was selected to attend the Marine Corps Command and Staff College at Camp Pendleton where he will serve as a reservist student until graduation in 2005.[97] He is a Major in the Marine Corps (Reserve) and has served as Deputy Judge Advocate to the Commanding Officer, NORAD/USNORTHCOM.[98]

Erickson wrote a troubling article regarding the military oath administered to commissioned officers. The issue that caused him to go so far as to redefine American jurisprudence boiled down to this: “service people overwhelmingly do not want to serve with declaring homosexuals.”[99]

He singled out “groups like the ACLU” as “domestic enemies of the United States.”[100] He said:

“They deliberately distort the Constitution to promote their radical agendas. Worst of all, no court shows signs of abating this destructive influence in our civil or military law. Consequently, it is well with [sic] the officer’s oath to support and defend the Constitution’s foundation in order that no enemy directly or indirectly undoes the Constitution’s intended language to such an extreme that officers will have nothing left worthy of their pledge or of their armed service.” [101]

He tells his readers:

“I came to learn and understand, the oath applied in and out of uniform, including on-duty and off-duty exploits against anyone within or without who would challenge and distort our Constitution, its promotion of liberty and its basis in moral and just causes.”[102] (Emphasis mine.)

The question here is exactly what kind of “exploits” against American citizens does this military officer countenance? This is not an idle question. Liberal Americans are being identified as domestic “enemies of the Constitution of the United States.” Does Major Erickson advocate turning the military power of this nation against its own citizens? This question needs to be answered by military leaders and the Department of Defense.

But if we deconstruct Erickson’s article, it is revolutionary to the core. It advises ignoring directives from a “liberal” president and decisions from “liberal” judges. This is not defending the Constitution of the United States; it is in fact, a seditionist’s argument for overthrowing the Constitution!

Additionally, following the lead of Antonin Scalia in part, Erickson believes the Constitution cannot be challenged, and he says it must be interpreted in its “original” meaning. So then, let’s get an idea of what that could mean, keeping in mind the backdrop of the military officer’s oath where the penalty is military exploits against citizens—if we don’t get it right: according to the thirteenth amendment, slavery and involuntary servitude are still allowed as a punishment for crime. Readers of my earlier essay, “The Despoiling of America”[103] will know that dominionists seek to abolish the prison system and reinstate slavery and involuntary servitude in the United States as punishment for crimes. (See the text accompanying footnotes 61 and 62 of that essay.)[104] If I oppose slavery as an unacceptable form of punishment, do I become an enemy to the United States according to Major Erickson’s litmus test?

The amazing thing here is that a military officer who is serving as Deputy Judge Advocate to the Commanding Officer, at NORAD/USNORTHCOM,[105] who under the guise of defending the Constitution and “moral and just causes,” is actually seeking to disenfranchise the greater part of American citizens from political participation on the grounds that “liberals” are coercing “service people into following judicial orders over constitutional ones.”[106]

With reasoning like this, we need not wonder how the military degenerated into a group of sadistic thugs who resorted to the evil torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib and at Guantanamo.

That really scares me. Here's a military officer advocating disenfranchising everyone and anyone who does not toe the Dominionist line. And a deputy JAG at that!

And after all that, what is the real mission and purpose of these Dominionist chaplains?

“The Kingdom of God is to be advanced and freedom needs defending. It’s time to step up to the plate and allow God to use you in mighty way.”

Whose freedom? Certainly not that of any unbeliever. Like I said, these Dominionist fanatics make the Taliban look like a bunch of mild-mannered Methodists.

The article ends on a very chilling note:

Lastly, because I believe America stands in peril from within itself far more than from any outer enemy, I want to end this news analysis with this story: On August 19th 2004, Alex Jones, a colorful libertarian radio host, who broadcasts in nineteen states and can be heard on the web over the Genesis Communications Network, conducted an interview with an officer who was identified only as “David.” The officer also did not want his military unit identified. Though he spoke anonymously, he had a great deal of credibility. The officer’s military unit issued a training manual which he in turn gave to Jones. Although we attempted to obtain copies of pages from the manual from Jones, our request was not answered. The Yurica Report transcribed the interview and here is an excerpt of it. It appears that the governors of 30 states are preparing their militia for martial law in the event of an emergency.

Jones: “Why are you concerned about the military manual?”

David: “The fact the State Guard has traditionally never been armed. Yet there’s extensive fire arms training in that manual. And the use of force: the handcuffing and the prisoner transport--”

Jones: “In fact, right here, ‘Movement of Prisoners, How to Take Over City Hall.’”

David: “Yes. That is the required training for the proposed team members.”

Jones: “You told me this is a force multiplication training group to train the rest of the military, correct?”

David: “Eventually what we were told was the entire State Guard would receive this training. But as of right now, only select individuals are to receive it.”

Jones: “What do you think of this whole atmosphere?”

David: “It’s a very dangerous atmosphere, Alex. …The time it’s going to take for all these teams to be trained, outfitted and deployed is November 1, this year [2004]. And we’ve been told it’s not if, but when we are deployed. And we will be deployed after November first.”

Jones: “In America?”

David: “Yes. In the State of Texas.”

Katherine Yurica, whose website I frequently visit, me, and people like us are canaries. We can see the handwriting on the wall. We can discern patterns, see the developing disaster- not only for the USA, but for the entire world. To many eyes, we're already morphing into a rogue state- if the Dominionists continue their slow-motion coup, we'll become targets- both within our country and from those outside it as well. It is easy to bury one's head and shut out the noise of the election, war, economy and other stuff. But if you step back and look at the big picture- something I hammer about all the time, I know, you too will also see this religiously created blight creeping into our laws, lives, and livelihoods. These people have taken over school boards, city councils, government offices, you name it. They're appointed judges, and given free reign to trample over our rights as citizens. It is one thing to profess a faith, but quite another to use it as a bludgeon to 'establish God's Kingdom on earth'. How dare they presume to know the will of the Creator and force its hand?

And we are their enemy. Anyone who stands up and says, "this is wrong, this is unAmerican, this is destroying our country and its people" gets blasted by these fire breathing True Believers. Careers get destroyed, people disappear.

Can we stop this tide of righteousness? Can it be changed into a more benelovent thing? Hard to say, but whenever a storm warning is issued, it's time for those of us who are secular monastics, the Keepers of Light, to start bunkering up. If you wait for that knock on the door, it will be too late.

The genuine Christians, the ones who follow Christ's teachings have been totally co-opted and drowned out by these people. Even when they do speak up, they tend to be shouted down by the Dominionists, whose shrill siren call drowns out all but the most persistent moderate Christian. In an earlier post, it was noted that the Dominionist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention so disgusted President Carter that he left the church rather than be connected to a religious hate group.

I may not be Christian, but I am not anti-Christian either. At least where people who truly follow the teachings of Christ are concerned. Real Christians (note that I do not use the word 'true') do not plot to destroy a whole nation and its government offices, or subvert an entire political party or the military. Real Christians will be just as horrified at what they have just read as any thinking person should be.

Fear may be the mindkiller in the Dune sense of the word, but perhaps it can be a motivator and galvinizing force as well. If you are a real Christian, pray- we're going to need every bit of strength to get us through these man-made 'end times'.