Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Beatitudes for a Pharisee Nation


Inspired by one of [info]sabine_ducat  's LJ memories....

"Blessed are the wealthy....those who patronize Christian bookstores and put the Prayer of Jabez on the bestseller list, those who build 6000 sq. ft homes for their "quiverfull" families and tithe to their megachurches, thereby enabling them to build luxurious office suites and take over radio stations across the land....for theirs is the kingdom of all under heaven.

Blessed are they who spread mourning from one end of the globe to the other...for they shall be comforted by platitudes and lies and will never be forced to confront their destructiveness and evil.

Blessed are the arrogant and prideful...for they will be elected to high office and will inherit the land, plus everything else that they stole, and will not pay any estate tax into the public coffers for the use of the undeserving.

Blessed are they who will never know hunger and thirst...for they shall drive their air-conditioned Hummers to church and carefully lock the doors when passing through areas where the poor live in misery and are forced to whore away their humanity for their daily bread.

Blessed are the merciless...for they will know of mercy, and will rightly reject it for the soft, liberal, demonic ploy that it is.

Blessed are the small and shriveled of heart...for their soul-deep cancerous hunger will create heavenly hallucinations in which God appears and congratulates them on a job well done.

Blessed are the warmongers...for they know themselves to be children of God, divinely appointed to bring all kingdoms, and principalities, and nations, and oil fields, and state parks, and radio stations, and struggling republics, and small rude huts under their dominion.

Blessed are they who persecute for the sake of righteousness, for verily, every single mother impoverished, every homosexual murdered, every brown person tormented, every non-English speaker reviled, and every shock rod wielded brings great rejoicing in heaven, and great shall be their reward. "