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May 2008
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Intelligent Design, Dominionists and Farming

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]cheap_laugh)

In the brouhaha over "Intelligent Design, one thing is over looked: the difference in the way Man (Adam) is created... In hebrew, the Earth is called "Adamah", and Man, "Adam". Man being created from the very Earth itself. essentially, then "ID-ers" are calling everyone what racists have long referred to African-Americans, namely "mud people".... In the Sumerian Creation, Man is the creation of the gods Enki and Mami and the sacrifice of a rebel god

The Sumerian Creation

When Marduk heard the speech of the gods,
He made up his mind to perform miracles.
He spoke his utterance to Ea,
And communicated to him the plan that he was considering.
‘Let me put blood together, and make bones too.
Let me set up primeval man: Man shall be his name.
Let me create a primeval man.
The work of the gods shall be imposed (on him), and so they shall be at leisure.
Let me change the ways of the gods miraculously,
So they are gathered as one yet divided in two.'
Ea answered him and spoke a word to him,
Told him his plan for the leisure of the gods.
‘Let one who is hostile to them be surrendered (up),
Let him be destroyed, and let people be created (from him).
Let the great gods assemble,
Let the culprit be given up, and let them convict him.'
Marduk assembled the great gods,
Gave (them) instructions pleasantly, gave orders.
The gods paid attention to what he said.
The king addressed his words to the Anunnaki,
‘Your election of me shall be firm and foremost.
I shall declare the laws, the edicts within my power.
Whosoever started the war,
And incited Tiamat, and gathered an army,
Let the one who started the war be given up to me,
And he shall bear the penalty for his crime, that you may dwell in peace.'

We are the offspring of a rebellious individual.

The primary difference, is that in the Sumerian/Babylonian creations, Man is to be the servant of the gods:
They bound him and held him in front of Ea,
Imposed the penalty on him and cut off his blood.
He created mankind from his blood,
Imposed the toil of the gods (on man) and released the gods from it.
When Ea the wise had created mankind,
Had imposed the toil of the gods on them -

other creations have mankind growing like a seed from the Earth.

I must point out, the our current state, if we follow the "ID/Genetic engineering model" of Dominionists and of Sumer (AND Kabbalistic Creation Stories) we are the result of numerous versions of humanity. for it is in the Creation stories of Sumer, that we find monsters, and assorted man-beasts being created such as a "bull-man" (Minotaur):

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