Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
An Invitation


~A few days ago [info]sunfell 'moderated' my Crusader Post. Her reasons as she stated them to me were entirely legitimate vis-a-vis the purpose of this community and I accepted said moderation with as much grace as the egotistical creature I am could muster. And yet there was some good exchange in that post, and also in the Hitler Virgin Mary Painting post that got 'moderated' last month.

~So, in the spirit of furthering that exchange, let me extend an invitation to those here that might be interested to join [info]god_challenged. [info]shamangirl and I started it as a rebuke of, and an answer to, the Xian perversion of [info]challenging_god. [Remember when that community was cool?]

~We are pretty free wheeling, exploring the roots of modern Dominionism and taking on both Jewish and Muslim Fundies, too. And we encourage plenty of Bush Bashing, tho we do try to keep it within the framework of Dommie/Fundie issues.

~Of course, I shall remain an active member of this community, as well. I respect [info]sunfell and the work that is done here. I simply wish to broaden the debate. Please, come and play.