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DefCon testemony and live chat


Quoting from DefCon's Blog:

Two of DefCon’s advisory board members, Kate Michelman and Erwin Chemerinsky, will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Samuel Alito confirmation hearings this week. Michelman and Chemerinsky will most likely appear before the Committee on Thursday to contribute their expertise to the hearings, however the date could change depending on whether the Committee stays on schedule.

What’s equally exciting is that on Friday, January 13th, at 1pm, Michelman and Chemerinsky will join DefConAmerica.org for our first live online chat. Michelman and Chemerinsky will be discussing Judge Alito and answering your questions on the potential threat he poses to the separation of church and state.

Stay tuned for details on how to submit a question for either Kate Michelman or Erwin Chemerinsky. Our moderator will then pose your questions to Michelman and Chemerinsky and you’ll be able to tune into the chat by visiting our website, http://www.defconamerica.org.

A live chat! Sounds interesting! What questions would you pose?