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May 2008
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The "Pulsa Dinoura or, the "Kabbalistic Death Curse"

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Jewish Fundies re no better than Khristian one. Or Islamic ones.... And the genus Kahane Chai are perhaps the worst. These "righteous men" have invoked a death sentence that is reserved for the Angels: "Pulsa Dinoura" or Lash of Fire...

The Pulsa is God's Capital Sentence against Angels - so, was there really a Fall?

sources: http://jewishwhistleblower.blogspot.com/2005/05/new-ruling-by-rabbi-yosef-shalom.html

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsa_diNura has tihs quote from my Rav:

The Pulsa D’Nora has wrongfully been associated with a certain school of Kabbalah known as Kabbalah Ma'asit (magic). The Pulsa D'Nora is not a magical formula. Torah and Judaism have no connection to or tolerance of magic in any form. Therefore, the consideration of anything in holy Kabbalah, an integral part of [God's] Torah from Sinai to have any ties to magic is a spurious and offensive suggestion. The Pulsa D'Nora is actually not a "curse of death" as many mistakenly believe. No Rabbi or Kabbalist has the right or authority to curse another to death. In accordance to Torah Law, the only way a Jew is put to death is for violation of specific Biblical laws and then only after being tried and condemned by a kosher and authoritative Sanhedrin, the likes of which have not existed in Israel and among the Jewish people since the days of the Temple.
- Ha Rav Ariel bar Tzadok ( who by the way was also a student of Rav Berg of what is now the Kabbalah Cneter when it was originally know as the Yeshiva (School)

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